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? Agriculture Ombudsman Larson
Tomato Disease Workshop Sidhu
(archived) 2012 Western Region 4-H Science Academy Worker
(archived) 4-H Staff Conference 2012,_One_TeamNone Listed
(Archived) Marin 4-H After School S.T.E.M. Curriculum* Worker
@UCIPM on Instagram Martin
17th Meeting of ICVG Golino
2010 Marin Agricultural Summit Listed
2010 Marin Agricultural Summit 2 Lewis
2013 Alfalfa Integrated Pest Management Workshop Listed
2014 UC Master Gardener Conference* Gable , Melissa Gable
2015 Joint SI Conference* Parker
2015 UC ANR Strategic Initiative Conference Parker
2016 NC-1171 Meeting Ontai
2017 CA Nursery Conference Haver , Lorence Oki
2017 International Heteroptera Symposium & Workshop Listed
2017 UC Master Gardener Conference* Gable
2018 Advances in Pistachio Irrigation Field Day and Workshop Listed
2018 Rice Technical Working Group Conference* Listed
2018_IPM_Summit* Berger
2019 Western Region 4-H Program Leaders Meeting* Listed
2020 Advances in Citrus Water Management Workshop Zaccaria
2020 Golden State Dairy Management Conference* Heguy , Betsy Karle , Deanne Meyer
2020 UCR UPMC Online Test Choe
2020 Western EFNEP Conference Listed
2021 UC Master Gardener Conference Gable
38th International Carrot Conference Nunez
3C Committee* Zaccaria
4-H Afterschool Program Ingram
4-H Census Awareness Project Iaccopucci , Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
4-H Conference 2013 Listed
4-H Foundation* Allison , Lorna Krkich
4-H in San Mateo & San Francisco Counties Bolshakova , Wei-ting Chen , Maggie Gunn , Frank McPherson
4-H Online Record Book Support Site* Miner
4-H San Diego County Ahiablame , Sue Manglallan , Cheryl Wilen
4-H San Diego County Resources Manglallan
4-H SET Expo Valachovic
4-H State Leadership Conference Iaccopucci
4-H Youth Development in the San Francisco North Bay Worker
4-H Youth Development Program Sullins
4-H Youth Summits Miner
6th International Table Grape Symposium Listed
Academic Assembly Council Martin
Administrative Heads Section Frost
Adobe Connect Videos* Listed
Advanced IPM For Master Gardeners - Santa Rosa 2019 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM For Master Gardeners Fresno 2019 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM For Master Gardeners Irvine 2019 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM For Master Gardeners Roseville 2019 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM For Master Gardeners San Luis Obispo Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM for UC Master Gardeners - Bay Area 2016 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM for UC Master Gardeners - Butte 2016 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM for UC Master Gardeners - San Joaquin 2016 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM for UC Master Gardeners -Los Angeles 2016 Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM Training for UC MGs- Davis Windbiel-Rojas
Advanced IPM Training for UC MGs- Riverside Listed
Advanced IPM Training for UC MGs- Santa Clara* Louise Flint
Advanced IPM Training for UC MGs- Stockton Louise Flint
Advanced Sensing & Management Technology in Specialty Crops Brown
Advances in Pistachio Production Short Course Ferguson
Advances in Walnut Production Short Course Listed
AgAppE/Home* Larbi
Agricultura y Recursos Naturales Forbes , Michael Janes , Robert Sams
Agricultural Economics* Takele
Agricultural Tourism* Listed
Agricultural Water Quality Research & Education Bethke
Agriculture and Natural Resources - University of California* Janes , Robert Sams
Agronomy*http://ccagronomy.ucanr.eduKonrad Mathesius
Agronomy & Weed Science in Merced & Madera Counties Sosnoskie
Agronomy Research & Information Center*http://agric.ucdavis.eduBruce Linquist
AITEP 2017* Crisosto
Alameda County 4-H Programhttp://4halameda.ucanr.eduCharles Go
Alfalfa Production Listed
Alfalfa Seed Production Listed
Alfalfa Seed Production in California Mueller
Alfalfa Subsurface Drip Irrigation* Putnam
Almond Nutrient and Water Management Field Days Brown
Almond Short Course* Listed
Alpine County Listed
Alternatives to Citrus in the Fight Against ACP/HLB Surls
Amador County 4-H Program Miller
Amador County Farm Day Oneto
Amador County MGs Oneto
American Society of Agronomyhttp://calasa.ucdavis.eduMichelle Leinfelder-Miles
Annual Range Forage Loss Listed
ANR Bibliography Project and EndNote Information Rippee
ANR Branding Toolkit Sams , Ann Senuta
ANR Call for Positions - 2010 Listed
ANR CE Program Evaluation Rippee
ANR Communication Services*http://anrcs.ucanr.eduJim Downing , Michael Janes , Robert Sams , Ann Senuta , Gabriel Youtsey
ANR County Office Survey Listed
ANR EH&Shttp://safety.ucanr.eduBrian Oatman
ANR Employees* Janes , Robert Sams
ANR Land Use Workgroup Drill
ANR Learning and Development Bell , Dustin Blakey , John Fox
ANR Office 365 Upgrade Project Listed
ANR on UCTV Listed
ANR Orientations Bell
ANR Peer Review* Downing , Robert Sams , Ann Senuta
ANR Program Council Frost
ANR Program Support Unit Bell
ANR Program Teams Bell
ANR RECs for academics Lagrimini
ANR Risk Services Oatman
ANR Staff Personnel* Fox , Linda Manton
ANR Statewide Conference 2009 Listed
ANR Statewide Conference 2013* Listed
ANR Statewide Conference 2018* Parker
ANR Statewide SWEEP Training* Bali
ANR Survey System Help Sams
ANR Tobacco Free Oatman
ANR Training* Fox
ANR UCCE Office Managers Conference Listed
ANR Update Listed
ANR Website Accessibility Listed
ANR Website Tree Listed
ANREP 2014 Conference Standiford
anritsolutions* Listed
ANRWellness Listed
Applied Research in Adolescence Moncloa
asbigap.ucdavis.eduhttp://asbigap.ucdavis.eduKyaw Tha Paw U
ASI & CE Integration Meeting Listed
Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management* Grafton-Cardwell
Assembly Bill 589 Training Classes* Bali
At Second Street Underwood
Aves de Corral Pitesky
Bay Area Working Rangelands Barry
Bee Garden Tours Listed
Beef Cattle Maier
Bees and Pollination Listed
Behavioral Intervention Team Oatman
Berkeley Forest Education Summit Standiford
Big Dig Day Listed
Bioenergy Conference 2012 Listed
Biological Control in the Western U.S. Listed
Biomicrometeorology Listed
Bio-Security Education Smith
Blog post Listed
Bloom and Leaf-Out Models for Tree Crops* Jarvis-Shean
Board on Agriculture Assembly Policy Board of Directors Frost
Brian Johnson Listed
Butte County UCCE | Serving Butte County Since 1918*http://cebutte.ucanr.eduEmily Symmes
Calaveras County 4-H Program Miller
Calaveras County Master Gardeners Oneto
California 4-H Association* Worker
California 4-H at Home Schmitt-McQuitty
California 4-H Brand Toolkit Schmitt-McQuitty
California 4-H Public Values Listed
California Agricultural Tourism Directoryhttp://www.calagtour.orgThomas Tomich
California Agriculture*http://calag.ucanr.eduJim Downing , Ann Senuta
California Agritourism Tomich
California Alfalfa & Grains Symposium Putnam
California Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)* Drill
California Communities Program Listed
California Ecosystem Management Database* Eviner
California EFNEPhttp://efnep.ucanr.eduKatie Panarella
California Fish Websitehttp://calfish.ucdavis.eduGregory Giusti
California Freshwater Fish Laboratory* Thompson
California Institute for Water Resources*http://ciwr.ucanr.eduDoug Parker
California Snails and Slugs Wilen
California Spotted Owl Information Repository Kocher
California Stone Fruit Research Database* Stover
Californian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Mills
Cannabis Producer Survey Butsic
Cannabis Production Survey* Wilson
Capitol Corridor*http://cecapitolcorridor.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
CCC Briefing Listed
CCWAS IGERThttp://ccwas.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
CE San Diegohttp://cesandiego.ucanr.eduCarl Bell , Gary Bender , James Bethke , Leigh Johnson , Ramiro Lobo , Sue Manglallan , David Shaw , Cheryl Wilen , Patti Wooten Swanson
CE Tularehttp://cetulare.ucanr.eduDouglas Adams , Karmjot Randhawa , Robert Sams
Center for Fire Research and Outreach * Stewart
Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley* Stewart
Center for Landscape & Urban Horticulture* Pittenger , Robert Sams
Center for Water Resources Listed
Central Coast Rangeland Coalition Barry
Central Sierra Cooperative Extensionhttp://cecentralsierra.ucanr.eduJoLynn Miller
Central Valley Friendly Landscaping* Mueller
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act McGuire
Choe Laboratory* Choe
Citrus Program Mueller
CitrusSprayEx Deployment Larbi
Clear Lake Aquatic Website* Giusti
Climate and Agriculture in San Diego County Ahiablame
Climate Change in California Cooperative Extension* Kearns , Susie Kocher
Climate Change Workshop CCB Listed
Clinics for Do-it-Yourself Video Production Listed
Cluster Test Listed
Coastal Resources* Johnson
Collaboration for Plant Pathogen Strain Identification*http://cppsi.ucanr.eduKent Bradford
Colusa Countyhttp://cecolusa.ucanr.eduFranz Niederholzer
Communications Toolkit Forbes
Community Nutrition Kaiser
Connections In Biology Listed
Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation*http://casi.ucanr.eduJeffrey Mitchell
Conservation Planning, Research and Extension Merenlender
Conservation Tillage in Organic Systems Workshop Listed
Consumer Economics Listed
Contra Costa 4-H Youth Development Programhttp://4hcontracosta.ucanr.eduCharles Go
Conversion to bi-weekly pay cycle Listed
Cooperative Extension Contra Costahttp://cecontracosta.ucanr.eduRob Bennaton , Frank McPherson
Cooperative Extension Fresno Countyhttp://cefresno.ucanr.eduShannon Mueller
Cooperative Extension San Mateo & San Francisco Countieshttp://cesanmateo.ucanr.eduVirginia Bolshakova , Wei-ting Chen , Frank McPherson
Corn and Sorghum Listed
Cottage Foods* Hardesty
Cotton Production Listed
Coyote Cacher* Quinn
Creating a safe place for youth: Child Safety Listed
Creating Partnerships with Native American Tribes* Sowerwine
Dairy Herdsman Short Course Listed
Dairy Production Bruno
DANRIS-X Help Listed
David's Practice Listed
Delta Crops Resource Management Leinfelder-Miles
Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project* Listed
Department of PS van Kessel
Desert Research and Extension Center*http://drec.ucanr.eduJairo Diaz , Guangyao (Sam) Wang
Dev Test* Listed
Development_Services Listed
Discrimination and Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Listed
Disease and Insect Resistance in Forest Trees Lewis
Donate to UC ANRhttps://donate.ucanr.eduNone Listed
Dry Bean Production Listed
Dry Creek4-H Listed
e4: The Volunteer Retreat* Miner
Eat Local Placer & Nevada Counties Fake
Ecological Restoration Working Group Gornish
EH Research and Info Center Oki
EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture*http://slosson.ucdavis.eduLorence Oki
El Dorado County4-H Youth Development Miller
El Dorado County Master Gardenershttp://mgeldorado.ucanr.eduScott Oneto
Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases* Bradford
Environ. Horticulture, Pears, Cherries, and Viticulture*http://ccag-eh.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Environmental Literacy Drill
Epidemiology & Management of Olive Knot Disease Fichtner
Eskalen Lab Eskalen
Evett's Test Listed
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Listed
Experiential Learning Schmitt-McQuitty
ExploreHealth Information Page Listed
Extending Orchard IPM Knowledge in California Johnson
Faculty Template* Listed
Farm Business and Market Place Tourte
Farm Water Quality Planning Bianchi
Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Workshops Listed
Feeling Fine Online Listed
Financial Caregiving for Aging Parents* Wooten Swanson
Find an Expert Randhawa
Fire in California* Satomi
Fire Summit* Valachovic
Fleet Operations* Oatman
Floriculture & Nursery Bethke
FLUXNET Conference 2017, Berkeley* Baldocchi
Flyspotter Listed
Food* Listed
FOOD SAFETY EDUCATION - Make It Safe, Keep It Safe Chin Young
Foothill Farming* Fake
Forest Research and Outreach Kocher
Forestry and Oak Woodland Programs Online Standiford
Forestry for Lawyers Listed
Forestry Institute for Teachers De Lasaux
ForestryCE Listed
Foundation Plant Services Golino
Foundation Seed Program*http://fsp.ucdavis.eduGail Taylor
Frank Zalom - Entomology & Nematology Zalom
Fresh-cut 2015*http://fresh-cut2015.ucdavis.eduMarita Cantwell
Fresno and Madera Counties CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Randhawa
Fresno County 4-H Mueller
Fresno County Viticulture Mueller
Fresno Hort* Reiter
Fresno UC ANR Climate Smart Agriculture Listed
Frost Protection Weather Data* Battany
Fruit & Nut Research & Information Centerhttp://fruitsandnuts.ucdavis.eduJulia Stover
Fruit & Nut Research & Information Center Educationhttp://fruitandnuteducation.ucdavis.eduJulia Stover
Fruit & Vegetable Preservation Resourceshttp://www.fruitandvegetable.ucdavis.eduDiane Barrett , Selina Wang
Fruit and Nuts*http://ccfruitandnuts.ucanr.eduKatherine Jarvis-Shean
Fruit Report Day , Theodore DeJong , R. Johnson
Fumigant and nonfumigant disinfestation for flower and strawberry Fennimore
Fusarium Dieback Workshop Listed
Glenn Countyhttp://ceglenn.ucanr.eduBetsy Karle
Glenn Master Gardeners Gable
Global Food Initiative*http://gfi.ucanr.eduMichael Janes
Global Food Systems Forum*http://food2025.ucanr.eduRobert Sams
Goldspotted Oak Borer* Bethke
Graduate Students in Extension (GSE)* Listed
Grape Day Fidelibus
Green Gardener San Joaquin County Reid
Ground Squirrels Old Quinn
Groundwater*http://groundwater.ucdavis.eduThomas Harter
Groundwater Conference 2016*http://ag-groundwater.orgThomas Harter
Groundwater Nitrate*http://groundwaternitrate.ucdavis.eduThomas Harter
Grown in Marinhttp://growninmarin.orgDavid Lewis
Growth Regulators in Orchard Management* Crisosto , Kitren Glozer
Habitat Conservation Plan Workshop* McDonald
Hammock Laboratory of Pesticide Biotechnologyhttp://www.biopestlab.ucdavis.eduBruce Hammock
Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center*http://harec.ucanr.eduFernandez De Soto Jose , Annemiek Schilder , Christopher Smith
Healthy Families & Communities Srivastava
Healthy Happy Families Horowitz , Concepcion Mendoza , Lenna Ontai , Drusilla Rosales , Theresa Spezzano
Healthy San Joaquin Collaborative* Martin
Healthy Soils Bell
Herbicide Symptoms*http://herbicidesymptoms.ipm.ucanr.eduKassim Al-Khatib
Hilgardia*http://hilgardia.ucanr.eduRobert Sams , Ann Senuta
Hodel Palms and Trees* Hodel
Homeowner's Wildfire Mitigation Guide Quarles
Honey Plants of California* Listed
Hopland Research and Extension Center*http://hrec.ucanr.eduWendy Powers
How do YOU say almond?* Kan-Rice
How-to Video Webinar Series Listed
HTTPS Test* Listed
ICGTD Listed
Igor's Urban Website! Lacan
Imperial Countyhttp://ceimperial.ucanr.eduOli Bachie
Industrial Hemp* McGuire
Informatics and GIS Program New Kelly
Informatics and GIS Program OLD* Kelly
Informatics and GIS Training* Hogan
Information Security Listed
Information Technology Tran
Innovator Summit* Listed
Insect Connect* Bolshakova
Instructional Systems Development Listed
Integrated Pest Management in Cotton Goodell
Integrated Pest Management in Southern California Wilen
Integrated Weed Management* Becchetti
Intermountain REC Demo* Listed
Intermountain Research and Extension Center* Wilson
Invasive Shot Hole Borers Drill , John Kabashima
Invasive Species Week Lunchtime Talks Drill
Inyo and Mono Counties UCCEhttp://ceinyo-mono.ucanr.eduDustin Blakey
Inyo-Mono Master Food Preserver Program Blakey
Inyo-Mono Master Gardener Program* Blakey
IPM Intranet*http://admin.ipm.ucanr.eduJoyce Strand
IPM Wildlife Pest Management Listed
Irrigation and Soils Listed
Irrigation Management Schwankl
Jackson Soil and Root Ecology Lab Jackson
JUNTOS Fabregas
KACtraining Listed
KARE*http://kare.ucanr.eduJeffery Dahlberg
kare cs Listed
Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center EHS* Dahlberg , Robert Sams
Kerman 4-H Listed
Kernhttp://cekern.ucanr.eduDavid Haviland , Brian Marsh
Kern County Hi 4-H Borba , Brian Marsh
Kings Countyhttp://cekings.ucanr.eduKarmjot Randhawa
Kurtural Lab* Kaan Kurtural
Labor Management Listed
Lake County Cooperative Extensionhttp://celake.ucanr.eduRachel Elkins
Lampinen Lab Lampinen
Lassen Countyhttp://celassen.ucanr.eduDavid Lile
Let's Eat Healthy! Fake
Life Skills for Better Living Toolkit Brian , Dorina Espinoza , Marcel Horowitz , Anne Iaccopucci
Lindcove Research and Extension Center*http://lrec.ucanr.eduElizabeth Grafton-Cardwell
Live Well in the Garden Ahiablame , Jennifer Pelham
Livestock and Natural Resources* Harper
Livestock and Natural Resources*http://cclivestock-nr.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Livestock, Range and Natural Resources Ozeran
Los Angeles Countyhttp://celosangeles.ucanr.eduKeith Nathaniel
Madera County*http://cemadera.ucanr.eduShannon Mueller
Madera, Merced, and Mariposa Viticulture Jordan
Maintenance of Microirrigation Systemshttp://micromaintain.ucanr.eduLawrence Schwankl
Managing Agricultural Nitrogen Listed
Manure Nutrient Managementhttp://manure.ucdavis.eduMarsha Campbell
Manure Nutrient Management for CCAshttp://manuremanagement.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
Marin Countyhttp://cemarin.ucanr.eduDavid Lewis
Marin Food Policy Council Lewis
Marin Knotweed Action Team Lewis
Marin Master Gardeners*http://marinmg.ucanr.eduDavid Lewis
Mariposahttp://cemariposa.ucanr.eduFadzayi Mashiri
Mariposa County Master Gardener Program Listed
Master Food Preservers - Sacramento*http://sacmfp.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Master Food Preservers - Solano and Yolo Counties*http://solanomfp.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Master Food Preservers - Yolo*http://yolomfp.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Master Gardener Annual Campaign Gable
Master Gardener Coordinators Gable
Master Gardeners of San Luis Obispo County, California Greer
Master Gardeners of Shasta County Forero
Master Gardeners of Ventura County* Gable
Mechanical Harvesting of California Pistachios* Ferguson
Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives* Ferguson
Mediterranean Oak Borer Nobua-Behrmann
Mendocino Countyhttp://cemendocino.ucanr.eduGlenn McGourty
Merced 4-H Youth Development*http://merced4h.ucanr.eduRussell Hill
Merced Countyhttp://cemerced.ucanr.eduMaxwell Norton
Merced Master Gardeners Norton
MFA Listed
MG Practice Site* Ingels
MG SCC Help Desk Barry
MG SCC Web Team Documentation Barry
MGCC Development Site Bennaton
Mike Davis Lab Davis
Mike De Lasaux De Lasaux
Mite Identification and Production Workshop Haviland
Mock up* Sams
Modoc Countyhttp://cemodoc.ucanr.eduLaura Snell
Mojave Desert Native Plant Symposium 2017* McDonald
Money Talks*http://moneytalks.ucanr.eduKatherine Soule , Patti Wooten Swanson
Monterey Bay Master Gardenershttp://mbmg.ucanr.eduMaria de la Fuente
Mussel Summit Listed
myTestagain Listed
Napa County UCCE*http://cenapa.ucanr.eduDavid Lewis
National Clean Plant Network*http://NationalCleanPlantNetwork.orgDeborah Golino
Nat'l. Ext. Research Administrators Conference 2015* Frost
NC-140 Annual Meeting 2015* DeJong , Rachel Elkins
NCPN Citrus*http://ncpncitrus.orgGeorgios Vidalakis
NCPN Grapes*http://ncpngrapes.orgDeborah Golino
NCPN Rose* Golino
NCPN Sweetpotato* Golino
Needs Assessment for Oak Health Lewis
Nematology Workgroup* Becker
NETA_SB3*http://neta.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
Nevada County 4-H Youth Development Program Fake
New 4-H Member Listed
New Zealand Mudsnail Research and Extension Drill
News & Information Outreach Sams
Ni?os Sanos Familia Sana: Family Nutrition Education* Kaiser
NPDN National Meeting Listed
NPI Site Level Assessment Questionnaires Kao , Carolyn Rider
Nut Crops Randhawa
Nutrient Management for Vegetable, Fruit & Nut Crops Hartz
Nutrition and Physical Activity Resources* Mueller
Nutrition BEST Fake
Nutrition Policy Institutehttp://npi.ucanr.eduPatricia Crawford , Lorrene Ritchie
Nutrition With Adan Listed
Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences* Martin
Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences (NFCS) Panarella
Nutrition, Personal Finance & Food Safety Education Wooten Swanson
Oak Planners Portal Listed
Oak Symposium Tietje
Oak Woodland Management Tietje
Oak Woodland Management Webinar Standiford
Office of Pesticide Information and Coordination Blecker
Olive Production Mueller
Online Agricultural Resource Lobo
Orange Countyhttp://ceorange.ucanr.eduDarren Haver
Orange County EFNEP* Price
Orange County Water Quality and Water Resources* Haver
PACE2013 Rodrigues
Pacific Fisher Information Repository Kocher
PAW Methyl Bromide Hanson
Pear Genomics Research Network* Elkins
Pest Management*http://ccpestmanagement.ucanr.eduRachael Long
Pistachio & Almond Nutrient Management Brown
Pistachio Calcium Management* Ferguson
Pistachio Nut Phenology* Ferguson
Pistachio Salinity Studies* Ferguson
Pistachio Workgroup Listed
Placer / Nevada Livestock and Natural Resources Ingram
Placer County 4-H Youth Development Program Macon
Placer/Nevada/Sutter/Yuba Livestock & Natural Resources Macon
Plant Breeding Academy*http://pba.ucdavis.eduKent Bradford
Plant Breeding Centerhttp://plantbreeding.ucdavis.eduChris van Kessel
Plant Pest Oatman
Plant Safely in Drought-Tolerant Landscapes McDonald
Plum Pox International Meeting 2014* DeJong
Plumas-Sierra 4H Listed
Policy Workshop and NUEL Meeting* Lacan
Pomegranates Listed
PomLysi Listed
Poultry Pitesky
Pre- and Post-Wildfire Listed
Precision Agriculture in California Listed
Precision Canopy and Water Management Listed
Privacy and Information Security Krause , Gabriel Youtsey
Programa 4-H de Desarrollo para Ni?os y Jóvenes* Moncloa
Project Board Help Listed
Project Learning Tree - UC Cooperative Extension De Lasaux , Sandra Derby
Prune Research Reports Database Crisosto
PTIPS Listed
Pyrethroid Training for Structural Pest Management Professionals* Windbiel-Rojas
Rain Gardens* Giraud
Range Plant Growth and Development Listed
Rangeland Ecosystem Services Larson
Rangelands Schohr
Rate and Recharge Step by Step Listed
Ray's test site Listed
RCAS 2017 California Summer Tour* Listed
Ready to Succeed Fake
Recovering from Wildfire* Butsic
Redwood Science Symposium Standiford
Redwood Science Symposium - 2016* Valachovic
Redwood Symposium Abstracts Listed
Regional IPM Centers' IPM Impacts Assessmenthttp://ipmimpact.ucanr.eduNeil McRoberts
Research and Extension Center System*http://recs.ucanr.eduWendy Powers
Research Methods Professional Development Lewis
Research-to-Policy Program Team Gupta , Leslie Roche
Retail IPM Training Louise Flint
Retail IPM Training 2014* Louise Flint
Retail IPM Training 2016 Windbiel-Rojas
Retail IPM Training Oakland 2017* Windbiel-Rojas
Retail IPM Training Oakland 2020 Windbiel-Rojas
Retail IPM Training Sacramento 2019 Windbiel-Rojas
Retail IPM Training San Diego 2020 Windbiel-Rojas
Retail IPM Workshop documents Louise Flint
Riverside & San Diego County Viticulture Gispert
Riverside County - Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Listed
Riverside County Master Gardeners* Ganthavorn
Rizzo Lab Website* Rizzo
robertmondaviinstitute Listed
Robotic Weed Control* Fennimore , David Slaughter
Rodent Management Workshop Quinn
Rolshausen Lab - UCR Rolshausen
Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy Parker
RREA* Frost
Sacramento 4-H*http://sac4H.ucanr.eduMarianne Bird
Sacramento Countyhttp://cesacramento.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran , Chuck Ingels
Sacramento MGs*http://sacmg.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran , Chuck Ingels
Sacramento NFCS*http://sacnutrition.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Safe and Poisonous Garden Plants Oki
Salinity Management Wu
San Benito Countyhttp://cesanbenito.ucanr.eduDevii Rao
San Bernardino County*http://cesanbernardino.ucanr.eduJanet Hartin , Nyles Peterson
San Diego Bees* Bethke
San Diego County Master Gardeners Bethke
San Diego County Small Farms Lobo
San Joaquin County 4-H Holtz
San Joaquin Valley Spray Application Short Course Bell
San Luis Obispo 4-H Soule
San Luis Obispo Countyhttp://cesanluisobispo.ucanr.eduKatherine Soule
Santa Barbara Countyhttp://cesantabarbara.ucanr.eduKatherine Soule
Santa Clara County MG Member Guide* de la Fuente
Santa Clarita Pyrethroid Workshop Windbiel-Rojas
Santa Cruz Countyhttp://cesantacruz.ucanr.eduMark Bolda
Saratoga Horticultural Research Endowment* Fujino
Science for Citrus Health Grafton-Cardwell , Peggy Lemaux
SCUWM* Quinn
Seed Biotechnology Center*http://sbc.ucdavis.eduKent Bradford
Seed Mixer Listed
Seed Sampler Certification Program Teuber
Sexual Violence & Sexual Harrassment McGuire
Shasta County*http://ceshasta.ucanr.eduLarry Forero
Sierra Cascade Intensive Forest Management Research Cooperative* DeSantis , Ricky Satomi
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center*http://sfrec.ucanr.eduJeremy James
Siskiyou County Cooperative Extension Office*http://cesiskiyou.ucanr.eduSteve Orloff
Site Builder 3.0 Help Sams
Small and Organic Farm Advisor*http://ccsmallfarms.ucanr.eduMargaret Lloyd
Small Farm Workgroup Listed
Small Farms and Specialty Cropshttp://smallfarmsfresno.ucanr.eduShannon Mueller
Small Farms and Urban Agriculture Pires
Smart Machines for Biological Target Sensing and Plant Care Slaughter
Snelling 4-H Listed
So CA Green Waste-Wood Biomass Management Symposium* Bethke
Social Capital Nathaniel
Social Media Toolkit* Sams
Soils and Nutrients Listed
Solano 4-Hhttp://solano4H.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Solano County*http://cesolano.ucanr.eduMorgan Doran
Solano MGshttp://solanomg.ucanr.eduChuck Ingels
Solarization* Stapleton
Solution Center for Nutrient Management* Brodt
Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition* Larson
Sorghum for Californiahttp://sorghum.ucanr.eduJeffery Dahlberg
Sorghum Silage Project 2016 Meyer
South American Palm Weevil Rios
South Coast Research and Extension Centerhttp://screc.ucanr.eduDarren Haver
Southern California Urban IPM Taravati
Spray Application Technology* Niederholzer
Spray Application Training Frost
Stanislaus Countyhttp://cestanislaus.ucanr.eduRoger Duncan , Theresa Spezzano
Stanislaus County 4-H Duncan
Stanislaus Livestock* Becchetti
Starting Your Forest Management Plan Standiford
State 4-H Field Day Diaz Carrasco , Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty , Steven Worker
Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program Strand
Statewide Pistachio Day* Ferguson
Statewide SWEEP Training Listed
STEWhttp://stew.ucdavis.eduBrian Oatman
Stone and Pome Fruit Mueller
Strategic Initiative Conferences Parker
Strawberry Disorders: Identification & Management Daugovish
Strawberry Maps Listed
Strawberry soilborne diseases McRoberts
Subtropical Fruit Crops Bender
Sudden Oak Death 5th Science Symposium Lewis
Sudden Oak Death 6th Science Symposium* Lewis
Support Group Recognition McGuire
Sustainable and Fire Safe Landscapes Drill
Sutter-Yubahttp://cesutter.ucanr.eduWhitney Brim-DeForest
SWET Shelly
Tehama Countyhttp://cetehama.ucanr.eduRichard Buchner
TEN Video Review Listed
tfc George
TGFS Tennishttp://tgfs-tennis.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
The California Backyard Orchardhttp://homeorchard.ucanr.eduMissy Gable
The California Garden Webhttp://cagardenweb.ucanr.eduMissy Gable
The Drought Examiner Listed
The FasTrack Approach to Specialty Crop Breeding DeJong
The Future of Water for Irrigation in California and Israel* Listed
The PI Hub Listed
The Pollen Nation!* Kintigh
The Research Scholars Program in Insect Biologyhttp://insectscholars.ucdavis.eduJOANNA CHIU , Jay Rosenheim , Louie Yang
The Rod Shippey Education Facilityand Field Laboratory Listed
The Seventh Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium* Lewis
The Victory Grower Listed
TOSPO Ullman
Trinity Countyhttp://cetrinity.ucanr.eduLarry Forero
TSWV Field Risk Index and Thrips Projections McRoberts
Tulare & Kings Master Gardeners (Missy) Le Strange
Tulelake Farm Advisor*http://cetulelake.ucanr.eduRob Wilson
Tuolumne 4-H Miller
Tuolumne Master Gardener Oneto
Turfgrass and Landscape Research Field Day Baird
UC 4-H Disease Detectives Horowitz
UC Ag Experts Talk Faber , Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell
UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Sams
UC ANR Do No Harm Listed
UC ANR Giving Tuesday Janes , Lorna Krkich
UC ANR Hopland Research and Extension Center Bailey
UC ANR How-To Video Training Bell , Dustin Blakey
UC ANR Staff Assemblyhttp://staffassembly.ucanr.eduJohn Fox
UC ANR Strategic Initiatives Bell , Robert Sams
UC ANR UCPathhttp://ucpath.ucanr.eduJohn Fox , Sally Harmsworth
UC CalFresh Fresno/Madera Counties Program Manual* Mueller
UC CalFresh Nutrition Education of SLO and SB Counties Program Manual* Soule
UC California Community Water Conversations Listed
UC California Naturalisthttp://calnat.ucanr.eduAdina Merenlender
UC Davis - Science & Society: Contemporary Leadership Minor Listed
UC Davis Advanced Grapevine Irrigation Scheduling and Management Kaan Kurtural
UC Davis and UC ANR Grapevine Short Course* Kaan Kurtural
UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematologyhttp://entomology.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
UC Davis Evapotranspiration Remote Sensing Workshop*http://et2016.ucdavis.eduThomas Harter
UC Davis PDC: Plant Disease Clinichttp://pdc.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
UC Davis Quarter Century Club Bruhn
UC Davis Superfundhttp://www-sf.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
UC Davis Wine Grape Irrigation Short Course 2019 Kaan Kurtural
UC Davis Winter Grape Day 2020 Kaan Kurtural
UC Drought Managementhttp://ucmanagedrought.ucdavis.eduLawrence Schwankl
UC Dry Bean Research and Informationhttp://beans.ucanr.eduCarol Frate , Rachael Long
UC Elkus Ranch Environmental Education Centerhttp://elkusranch.ucanr.eduVirginia Bolshakova , Wei-ting Chen , Frank McPherson
UC HAREC/UCCE Ventura: 4-H Sustainability Programs Summer 2015 Hayden-Smith
UC IPM Materials Order Form Louise Flint
UC IPM Touch-Screen Kiosk Information Windbiel-Rojas
UC Landscape Plant Irrigation Trials? Oki , Karrie Reid
UC Master Food Preserver Coordinators* Panarella
UC Master Food Preserver Program*http://mfp.ucanr.eduKatie Panarella
UC Master Gardener Coordinators*http://mgcoord.ucanr.eduMissy Gable
UC Master Gardener Program*http://mg.ucanr.eduMissy Gable
UC Master Gardener Program of Alameda Countyhttp://acmg.ucanr.eduRob Bennaton
UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costahttp://ccmg.ucanr.eduRob Bennaton
UC Master Gardener Program of Sonoma Countyhttp://sonomamg.ucanr.eduStephanie Larson
UC Master Gardener Videoshttp://ucmgvideo.ucanr.orgMissy Gable
UC Master Gardeners of Butte County Connell
UC Master Gardeners of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties Valachovic
UC Master Gardeners of Inyo and Mono Counties Blakey
UC Master Gardeners of Napa Countyhttp://napamg.ucanr.eduDavid Lewis
UC Master Gardeners of Nevada Countyhttp://ncmg.ucanr.orgCindy Fake
UC Master Gardeners of Placer Countyhttp://pcmg.ucanr.orgCindy Fake
UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County*http://mgsantaclara.ucanr.eduSheila Barry , Lucy Diekmann
UC Nursery and Floriculture Alliance*http://ucnfa.ucanr.eduLorence Oki
UC Nursery and Floriculture Alliance (UCNFA) News*http://ucnfanews.ucanr.eduSteven Tjosvold
UC Postharvest Technology Center*http://postharvest.ucdavis.eduTrevor Suslow
UC Rangelands Archivehttp://rangelandarchive.ucdavis.eduLeslie Roche
UC Small Farm Programhttp://sfp.ucdavis.eduShermain Hardesty
UC Statewide IPM Program Intranet Listed
UC Vegetable Research & Information Center Fennimore
UC Weed Research & Information Center Hanson
UC Weed Science Reports* Hanson
UCANR 2019https://ucanr.eduLinda Forbes
UCANR 4-H Youth Development Program in Santa Barbara Countyhttp://www.sb4h.orgKatherine Soule
UCANR Moodle Retirement Listed
UCCESan Joaquin Countyhttp://cesanjoaquin.ucanr.eduBrent Holtz
UCCE 4-H Program of South Lake Tahoe Oneto
UCCE Alameda Countyhttp://cealameda.ucanr.eduFrank McPherson
UCCE AsisTelhttp://asistel.ucanr.eduPamela Kan-Rice
UCCE CalFresh Nutrition Education Program - Yolo*http://yolonutrition.ucanr.eduMarcel Horowitz
UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit* Hayden-Smith
UCCE Central Sierra Living with Fire Kocher
UCCE Humboldt - Del Norte Counties Valachovic
UCCE Marin County 2008 Annual Report Listed
UCCE Marin County 2009 Annual Report Listed
UCCE Marin County 2010 Annual Report Lewis
UCCE Marin County 2011 Annual Report Listed
UCCE Marin County 2012 Annual Report Lewis
UCCE Marin County 2013 Annual Report* Lewis
UCCE Marin County 2014 Annual Report* Lewis
UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report* Lewis
UCCE Marin County 2016 Annual Report* Lewis
UCCE Marin County 2017 Annual Report* Lewis
UCCE Master Food Preserver Program of San Bernardino County Hartin
UCCE Master Food Preservers of Central Sierra (Cathryn) Johnson
UCCE Master Food Preservers of Orange County Kabashima , Drusilla Rosales
UCCE Master Food Preservers of San Joaquin County Martin
UCCE Master Gardener Program of San Bernardino County* Hartin
UCCE Master Gardener Program of San Mateo & San Francisco Countieshttp://smsf-mastergardeners.ucanr.eduVirginia Bolshakova , Igor Lacan
UCCE Master Gardeners of Central Sierra Miller
UCCE Master Gardeners of Lake Tahoe Miller
UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County, CAhttp://mgorange.ucanr.eduJohn Kabashima
UCCE Master Gardeners of San Joaquin Countyhttp://sjmastergardeners.ucanr.eduBrent Holtz
UCCE Master Gardeners of Stanislaus County* Duncan
UCCE Master Gardeners Plumas-Sierra* Lile
UCCE Master Gardeners, Fresno County Mueller
UCCE Monterey Countyhttp://cemonterey.ucanr.eduMaria de la Fuente
UCCE Orange County 4-H*http://www.oc4h.orgDarren Haver
UCCE Placer/Nevada Main Website*http://ceplacer.ucanr.eduCindy Fake
UCCE Plumas-Sierrahttp://ucce-plumas-sierra.ucanr.eduDavid Lile
UCCE Quagga and Zebra Mussel Research and Extension Drill
UCCE Riverside Takele
UCCE Riverside County*http://ceriverside.ucanr.eduEtaferahu Takele
UCCE Santa Clara Countyhttp://cesantaclara.ucanr.eduSheila Barry
UCCE Sheep & Goats Busch
UCCE Sonoma Countyhttp://cesonoma.ucanr.eduStephanie Larson
UCIPM Test Area Alpha Listed
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program*http://4h.ucanr.eduShannon Horrillo , Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
University of California and the Mediterranean Listed
University of California Cooperative Extension Venturahttp://ceventura.ucanr.eduAnnemiek Schilder , Christopher Smith
University of California Cotton Production*http://cottoninfo.ucdavis.eduBrian Marsh
University of California Grain & Silage Corn Research & Information*http://corn.ucanr.eduMichelle Leinfelder-Miles , Mark Lundy
University of California Hansen Trust Listed
University of California Oil Seeds* Kaffka
University of California Rice On-line*http://rice.ucanr.eduBruce Linquist
University of California Small Grains*http://smallgrains.ucanr.eduMark Lundy
University of California Sugar Beets*http://sugarbeet.ucdavis.eduStephen Kaffka
UP4it Listed
Urban Agriculture* Hardesty , Aziz Retired - Baameur , Rachel Surls , Cheryl Wilen
Urban and Community Integrated Pest Management Windbiel-Rojas
Urban Integrated Pest Management Sutherland
UrbanAnts Wilen
Vegetable Crops Turini
Vegetable Crops*http://ccvegcrops.ucanr.eduGene Miyao
Vegetable Crops in San Joaquin County* Aegerter
Vertebrate Pest Conferencehttp://www.vpconference.orgRobert Timm
Vertebrate Pest Control Education* Salmon
VIII International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios Listed
VIII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation Golino
Virginia Creeper Leafhopper Areawide Project* Daane , Glenn McGourty , Lucia Varela
Volunteer Management System (VMS) Help* Gable
Walnut Genomics Implementation Group* Neale
Walnut Research Conference* Jarvis-Shean
Walnut Research Reports Database Stover
Walnut Scion & Rootstock Improvement*http://walnutrootstock.ucanr.eduDavid Neale
Water Use Classification of Landscape Species (WUCOLS IV)* Fujino
Watershed U. - Compton Creek Drill
Watershed U. - Santa Clara River Listed
Watershed U. - Ventura River Listed
Watersheds of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties Drill
Websites Listed
Weed Management Hembree
West Coast Ballast Outreachhttp://ballast-outreach-ucsgep.ucdavis.eduNone Listed
West Coast Rodent Academy* Quinn
West Side Research and Extension Center*http://wsrec.ucanr.eduRobert Hutmacher
Western Apicultural Society Mussen
Western Center for Food Safety | UC Davis*http://wcfs.ucdavis.eduLinda Harris
Western Extension Directors Association (WEDA) Listed
Western IPM Bed Bug Work Group*http://westernbedbugipm.ucanr.eduAndrew Sutherland
Western Region Joint Summer Meeting 2020 & 2021 Powers
Western Statewide Wood Energy Team Forum Listed
Western Tree Failure Database/California Tree Failure Report Program Costello
Whistleblower McGuire
Wild Rice*http://wildrice.ucanr.eduBruce Linquist
Wildfire Conference 2011 - Building on Science to Implement Landscape Level Treatments for Fire Resilience Listed
Wildland Resources Center Listed
Wolfskill Experimental Orchards Hanson
Woody Biomass Utilization* Shelly
Work Environment Assessment* Manton
WRAOM San Diego Fall 2019* Listed
WRLF 2018* Miner
Xth ISTT Ullman
Yolo County*http://ceyolo.ucanr.eduRachael Long
Yolo County 4-Hhttp://yolo4H.ucanr.eduMarcel Horowitz
Yolo County MGshttp://yolomg.ucanr.eduRachael Long
Youth Science Education Resource Hub Bautista , Kelley Brian , Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty , Martin Smith , Steven Worker
Youth Scientific Literacy Listed
Youth, Families and Communities Statewide Program Schneider
Zoom at UC ANR Youtsey
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