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I am so happy that you are here, connecting with me in a space of consciousness intentionally created to help facilitate your awakening.

Here, within this space of love and energetic support, you are invited to explore and connect with the deepest and most sacred expressions of your own unique consciousness. For it is that very unique relationship with our true self and divinity that all of us long to experience, understand, embrace, and more fully bring forth in waking awareness and conscious expression.

How can I experience a more conscious relationship with divinity? Do I have free will or is everything predetermined? Does consciousness continue after death? What is the ultimate purpose of life? What am I ... Who am I?

On and on the questions tumble through our conscious thoughts, weaving their way into the fabric of how we perceive our relationship with divinity, each other, and our universe—moving us through our experiences while we continuously seek to understand ... to consciously know the truth.

In actuality, each of us already knows the truth ... we just aren't consciously aware of what we know. Think of it as though we are all experiencing a state of spiritual amnesia and are even now in the process of awakening.

I have created this site with the intention that the information and tools available here will help you to pull into your conscious awareness that which is already known within you ... the truth of yourself ... the truth of your relationship with divine energy (divinity) ... and the truth of the universe in which you find yourself existing.

We are living at the threshold of an extraordinary time that will change how we perceive ourselves, each other, and our universe—a time where we will experience a paradigm-shattering shift in consciousness divinely designed to occur now as part of the blueprint of our awakening. This "shift" occurs when we consciously recognize and embrace the ultimate truth of our beingness; and it is this divine truth which has been revealed to human consciousness for the first time in the book "Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny."

The purpose of my writing, teaching, and sharing information is to help you consciously awaken to the truth of yourself and the divine destiny intended for you—intended for all of us ... a destiny more extraordinary than any dream imagined.

Always ... Seek truth and light will come; Seek light and love will come; Seek love and all will come!





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