Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Christians Really Do Inspire Me

One of the best Christians who I ever met, truly inspired me and everyone around him to become a better person. His son is now working at a church and his daughter is a teacher and they're not the only people who he inspired.

He inspired me to write this article, good Christians really do inspire me and others and he definitely was living his life, like Jesus did. He's the only person that I ever met, who didn't have anything bad to say about anyone, with the exception of one time. I actually heard him say that he hates that person, the person probably deserved it, but I still couldn't believe that the word came out of his mouth.

We all make mistakes, even he did, every once in a while. Whenever someone asked him about Christianity, he would try to avoid sharing his beliefs with them, unless they were persistent and then he would share all that he knew.

He never tried to convert anyone and never forced his opinions on anyone else. I asked him once," Did he actually read all of those books that he had in his library." He said that he actually did and I was shocked. He had three large library shelves that were each 4 foot wide and went almost all the way up to the ceiling, filled with books on Christianity and some on other religions.

He's the only man I ever met, that I would actually consider to be a good Christian. I don't know what it was about him, his honesty, compassion or simple kindness, but I valued his friendships and kept my ears open and my mouth shut... most of the time.

If you know someone like this in your life, I would advise you to take full advantage of their wisdom and let them inspire you to become a better Christian and if you don't believe in Christianity, these people can inspire you to become better person. A great life can be acquired, learning the wisdom from people who lead great lives.

Unbelievable Christian Bible Study Book

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Greg Vanden Berge is a published author and a inspiration to millions of people. He has been involved in religious research for almost 30 years, and his influence in the Christian community is growing. The Holy Bible, is the core to Christian beliefs and most Christians don't even question it. Was the Bible actually written by men?

His newest book," Did God Actually Say That?" Was written specifically for Christians who are interested in gaining additional knowledge about the Bible. This book provides Christians with advanced biblical knowledge, answer some tough questions and should be read by every faithful follower of Christ.

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Rethinking Today's Religions - Misleading Our Children

When I was a young man, my parents told me about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Every Christmas, there would be presents underneath the tree from Santa Claus and on Easter I would get a basket full of candy and eggs. However, when I was 11 years old, my parents broke the devastating news to me, there was no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.

As you can imagine, I cried for hours over the frustration and disappointment. For one, I thought that I wasn't going to get any more Christmas gifts, but my parents provided me with the needed psychological relief and told me that they were going to provide Christmas gifts for me, until I died. Even though I was upset, I was relieved and confused.

If my parents lied about this, could they have possibly lied about something else, anything else. Have you ever thought about this and is there a situation in your life today that could be an old habit that never got corrected. Some theme that your parents told you when you were a child that was a lie and they never told you the truth. Maybe they never told you the truth because they don't even know themselves that it's a lie.

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were obviously disappointments to me and most people that I've talked to about their experiences, with their parents and even their children. Why do we do this as parents to our children, even though we didn't like it when it was done to us. Hard to explain why we can't break certain habits and certain traditions.

I love Christmas and the joy of giving. Even though I am no longer a Christian, I enjoy going over to my relatives homes and spending Christmas or Christmas Eve with them. Now for the bad news, if you were raised to believe in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or any other large religious organization. Let me ask you this, do you think that it could be like Santa Claus, do you think the religion you believe in so strongly could be a story that has gotten out of control over the centuries.

I've spent a life time rethinking today's religions and can't find very many facts to prove any one religion is superior over another. Do your own research and find your own answers. Enlightenment could be as simple as gathering the right information.

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Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended books, You Can Have It All

Greg is currently working on a self help library filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does Anyone Have a Direct Line to God?

I have heard Catholics tell me that the pope has a direct line to God. I don't really know if that's true, but if he does, or anyone else does, I would like to ask them to do me a favor.

I would like them to ask God a few questions, these questions aren't going to be difficult, and we could even make them in yes or no formats, but these answers need to be asked and only God can provide us with the answers.

The first question that I would like to ask God, would be about starvation, why are there so many starving people all over the world? Are we or are we not supposed to be fruitful and multiply? Is overpopulation creating more problems in the world today, than it might have 2000 years ago?

These questions above, could be a little difficult to answer, but they shouldn't be too difficult for someone like God. I believe that God can handle a few tough questions and if the Pope or anyone else has direct communication with God, I would like to suggest something to them, quit wasting your time on frivolous things and start asking God the serious questions, that every one is really interested in.

It doesn't make a lot of sense, to pray and worship to somebody who realistically won't answer or deliver the things that we are requiring. I realize that most religious people are told, that God only answers some prayers or that God isn't ready to answer your prayers yet.

Anyway, if gods not going to answer all of our prayers, couldn't he at least answer some of our questions.

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Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended authors, Don Miguel Ruiz

His newest book," Did God Actually Say That?" Was written specifically for Christians who are interested in gaining additional knowledge about the Bible. This book provides Christians with advanced biblical knowledge, answer some tough questions and should be read by every faithful follower of Christ.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Review of "Transformational Life Coaching" - A Book For Mentors and Mentees Everywhere

There are many different indicators in today's world demonstrating that humanity has reached a new level of awareness and appreciation for its own existence. If we look at the shifts in the types of occupations being pursued (and sought after), the abundance of life coaches and personal development mentors is like a mirror held up to our collective psyche. It seems to say that life is a precious experience, and we simply want to be sure that we're present for it in every way possible. To coin a somewhat overused phrase: We seek to live authentically.

In 1977, long before having a "life coach" was something commonly discussed at Starbucks, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott published her first book on the subject and began a career that eventually, would find her labeled, "The Mother of Coaching." New Species (published in 1978) was to become the first of many books Dr. Scott would write on personal development. The long list includes, "Negaholics," a series of 'Rules' books - including "If Life is a Game, These are the Rules," and her most recent work, "Transformational Life Coaching."

Transformation Life Coaching throws open the doors to Life Coaching School and invites us all inside. Although written for those who either are, or espouse to become, mentors in the transformational movement, this book is an accessible "how to" for anyone. It welcomes all those who have spent time seeking to develop a better appreciation with their own life and how they intend to live it. Chapter 1 literally outlines what to look for and how to choose a coach, offering twenty-five important questions to discuss during the interview process.

In this book, Dr. Scott has created a virtual concordance of information, challenges for personal thought patterns and judgment, practical exercise and reference tools to use over and over. Embracing many global teachings, Dr. Scott often refers to the different chakras, or energy centers, as tools to release the ego and be of maximum service to others. As she explains, "You are in the process of opening up and taking control of your power," and by deeply understanding each energy center, we will be able to literally, "open and close each chakra at will."

Imagine being able to consciously open the fifth chakra (which controls speech and communication) in order to more fully participate in our marriage or work relationships - or being able to close down our first chakra, which embodies survival and security, so that we might be more risky and daring in our professional roles or fearlessly take on new adventures in life.

Dr. Scott has spent most of her professional life traveling the world and sharing her expertise on personal empowerment and development at every turn. On her website she shares that, "Writing a book is not done with the wave of a wand. It takes time to reflect and soul search for the universal truths related to each developmental phase." These same words could definitely be applied to the very journeys that Dr. Scott encourages us to make with our lives.

What we know about coaching is that it is not only sought after, but it is necessary in today's fast-paced world of endless challenges. From corporate teams to softball teams, being coached and coaching others on how to live as appreciatively and authenticity as possible is a proactive way to turn roadblocks into paving stones on your road of success.

Dr. Success (aka Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D.)



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Attitude - Is it Really the Difference Maker?

What is attitude? We hear this term from all motivational speakers. We have heard from our mothers, fathers and teachers when they have said, "Your attitude stinks," or "Young man, you'd better change your attitude." Let's see what Webster's says about attitude: " A manner or posture of carrying one self. A state of mind or feeling." It is interesting that this attitude is both a state of mind as well as a reflection of how we carry ourselves on the outside. In other words, attitude is an inward feeling expressed by outward behavior.

Some say attitude is everything. That one can have everything he or she desires by changing attitude. But is that an overstatement. John C. Maxwell in his new book "The Difference Maker," says, "The right attitude cannot make you something you are not, but it can enhance everything you have and all that you are."

I have been training, motivating and empowering sales teams for more than 25 years and I must say I agree with John Maxwell. One must have skills and competence in certain areas one is attaining to. A good example is you can have the best attitude in the world, and visualize and write powerful positive affirmations to be a brain surgeon. But if the good Lord did not give you the gift of exceptional intelligence and you failed all your natural science courses in college, I doubt having a great attitude will get you to your goal.

I will admit as a VP of Sales hiring sales folks they must have the skills, experience and competency to do the job. But the very next thing I look for is attitude. I want team players, problem solvers and folks that care about building and encouraging those around them.

So how big is attitude? Is it the little difference that makes all the difference in the world?

W. Clement Stone puts it this way, "There is little difference in people, but the little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative."

The following are some Barriers for us to break through when it comes to attitude:

1. Discouragement: You must win over discouragement by speaking positive to yourself and others. Put positive people around you. Have the right expectations.

2. Change: Embrace it and confront it head on. Change will always be in front of you it is a part of life. Re-frame it and look for positive improvements.

3. Problems: Be a problem solver. Start off with evaluating, analyzing, assessing alternatives, and bring forth positive recommendations.

4. Conquer Fear: Fear is the other side of faith. You must confront it and go through it to get your miracle.

5. Accept Failure: I had a boss who used to say, "I worry about you if you and your team are not failing, it tells me your are not trying new innovated things so you must be playing it safe and predictable." How are we going to grow and take on new challenges if you are afraid to fail? Step out and don't take it all so seriously.

Does attitude make ALL the difference in the world? Maybe not ALL but it is sure close. You see without it you will not be able to grow and stretch beyond your current God-given talents. You ask how? Well you see, none of us will get ahead in life unless a lot of people want us to. A positive attitude is your most valuable asset every day. It helps in little issues and provides for a positive framework in which to approach life.

As the famous Yogi Berra said, "Life is like baseball; it's 95 percent mental, and the other half is physical." A positive attitude is a difference maker so pass it on and have a blessed life.

Len Strickler is best described as a motivational coach, teacher and speaker who is unquestionably passionate about building, training, and leading remarkably successful sales teams that deliver fast-to-market results. As a sales executive, he has spent more than 25 years helping high-tech, global companies capture revenue to support product innovation activities, seize a competitive advantage, and generate profit fast. He thrives on the challenges and adventures of working in a global environment. He integrates a powerful mix of visionary leadership, collaborative team approaches, innovative thinking, and sales team mentoring and training to deliver enviable sales results for companies interested in shattering sales performance records.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Let Len help your company or team "Break Through The Barriers!" Book him today to speak at your next event!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Clean House, Clean Head

When you walk in the front door of your home after a long, hard day, do you feel soothed, comfortable, and truly at home? Or does it look like a scene from the film Animal House?

Imagine looking around you and only seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling appealing things. Imagine coming home from work to a home where you love every single thing you see. Where every single thing has a purpose and a space, and you know exactly where everything is, and it all functions beautifully.

You CAN live this way!

Do you have clutter in your home or office? Are you behind on bills? Are there stacks of papers or other items that have been there since the 80's, and you are waiting to get "a round tuit?" Are you simply a busy person, or are you a packrat or a hoarder? If you are a chronic packrat or hoarder, you may consider seeking professional help and/or medication to feel safe without the "protection" that all your "stuff" provides.

Well, there is a direct psychological parallel to "stuff" out there; whatever is going on in your head is generally reflected in your house. Certainly some of us are more affected by our environments than others....some of us are more sensitive than others...some seem to frankly be completely oblivious to mess. Some actually swear that they do better with a mess, but it is generally an organized mess, yet they'd be even more functional if their environment were more efficient.
Yet underneath it all, they are simply comfortable with the familiar.

Many people would love to have an organized environment, but keep procrastinating while their piles of stuff and their guilt/fear/anxiety increase! Here are Ten Tips - - some really simple steps to help you get started on a cleaner house, head, and life:

1. Make a list of every closet, drawer, etc. that needs to be cleared. For example, master bathroom: 8 drawers, one linen closet. Home office: 6 desk drawers, 5 filing cabinets drawers, sofa stacked with papers. This crucial first step is not to overwhelm you; quite the contrary, it's to give you the big picture so you can break it down into easily manageable baby steps. Allow yourself all the time you need.....one or two hours a day or a week. This entire project may take you weeks or even months to complete. But you will feel better every single step of the way.....just imagine the burden being lifted by simply starting! Some couples and families find creative ways to do this together.

2. Next, prioritize which area needs to be tackled first. If you are close to bankruptcy, you might want to handle your office first. If your spouse is researching divorce attorneys because of the bedroom clutter, you might want to start there. Get your list in order, and choose one room, one area to make your debut. Pick your favorite time of day and day of the week to work on this project. Write it in your calendar/datebook/Blackberry and honor this date with yourself as if it were as important as a DDS or MD appointment so you are psychologically geared up for it. If letting go is already difficult, why not set yourself up for success by making it easier in every way possible? Enroll a friend of family member to help you, but only if he/she can be lovingly decisive. If you have children, allow them to help you. Know that you are modeling excellent behaviors for them to take on and pass on to their children. You are training them to be more decisive, organized, and let the small stuff go. Wear comfy clothes, put on your favorite upbeat music, and have your favorite meal and beverage (or fresh flowers, etc.) ready for you as a reward when you complete this.

3. On D-Day (De-clutter Day): Take every single thing out of the closet or drawer. Vacuum and/or clean out all dust and dirt. Thoroughly. Have rags and antibacterial cleansers handy and perhaps an air freshener. Polish the furniture. You may wish to line drawers with paper, and/or add organizational dividers.

4. Next, sort items into piles of (A) must keep because I use it frequently, (B) not sure, haven't used in a while, and (C) haven't used in years and frankly forgot I had it. Remember, nothing is gone forever. If you find later that you discarded something you still need, you can get another....perhaps an updated, better one. When we hold onto the past, we deny the future possibilities of improvement.

5. Put all of C items in a garbage bag and label for your favorite church, charity, homeless people, shelter, mission, or Salvation Army. OR, label for the garage sale you will plan when complete with the clearing phase.

6. Sort A items in an organized fashion: color code, size, etc. You can get very inexpensive racks and containers for drawers and closets that will keep all your items neat and orderly. Call me anal, but my closet is arranged (and labeled) DRESSES, SUITS, BLOUSES, PANTS, SWEATERS, and all color coded within the category. A REAL time saver when I want to mix and match.

7. Revisit B items and rate each on a scale of 1-10 in attachment, 10 being you really feel attached/scared to let it go. Anything scoring 5 or lower goes you know where.......in with the C items for recycling or garage sale. Another way to deal with the Bs is by asking yourself: Is this item a reminder of my past, or in line with my future?

8. Repeat this cycle in every area of your home or office. You will probably feel like your home has "lost weight," as indeed it has. Enjoy the feeling! Celebrate with that favorite meal, beverage, flowers, etc. You've earned a treat.

9. With all the items you are letting go, have a garage sale and make a few extra bucks. Or take to a local eBay seller and have them do it for you. Or give away the items to a friend, a college student, to a shelter or Salvation Army or a church. Remember, you are not losing these things.....you are recycling, sharing with others who can really use them. You've outgrown them. Others need them more than you do.

10. If even the thought of this is overwhelming, you might consider hiring a master of Feng Shui, a personal organizer, or a clutter buster, to come in and work with you patiently through every step of the process. Be prepared for emotions to come up. A good Feng Shui master or organizer will know how to walk you through this crucial phase. Keep a journal close by if you are working this alone, and write out your feelings. Bottling them inside you is exactly what is bottlenecking your home's energy.

After you're done, you want to put a maintenance plan in effect to insure continual comfort and psychological health. Once a week, more or less, check in and survey your home or office. Throw away or file away everything you can. Organize bills in a chronological fashion and keep in some sort of TO BE PAID stack. Look at it every week and see what needs to be paid. Debts (like excess pounds!) are definitely a form of clutter. Check out your closets and clothes drawers with every season's change, or just at the New Year, to clear out the C items, and survey the B items.

A healthy psyche can flow as easily as a ship on an open sea. Imagine how difficult it would be for a ship to sail through cluttered waters. It would take enormous energy and time to maneuver around obstacle after obstacle.

Here's to smooth sailing on the sea of life!

Dr. Nancy B. Irwin is a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist/therapeutic hypnotist, and author of nonfiction YOU-TURN: CHANGING DIRECTION IN MIDLIFE, a collection of over 40 stories of people over 40 who made successful life transitions.

Grandchild Proofing Your Home

Did you recently discover that you are going to be a new grandparent? You may be finding it difficult restraining your excitement, and enthusiasm. But please don't be worried if you're feelings are a little mixed. Such as a twinge of resentment, a sense of being prematurely aged by your new status it's a common though seldom admitted feeling.

Let it be a consolation to discover that according to the American Association of Retired Persons Grandparent Study "The average age of a first-time grandparent is now just 47 years old".

In our "ageing society" grandparents are one group that's definitely getting younger. Another common though little shared feeling is a sense of rivalry or competition between both sets of grandparents.

Don't worry these feelings usually pass with time.


Many grandparents now assume a much greater and more active role in caring for their grandchildren, being the sole care giver either before or after school. Carefully lock up or make inaccessible all potential poisons and threats i.e. Cleaning products, medicines, herbal remedies and vitamins, knives, and other sharp objects tiny choke able objects that a little one might find interesting.

Use gates for stairs and to control access to various portions of your home. Inspect your home from a child's eye view crawl round your home looking for wires that can be pulled on or overhanging objects that can cause injury to a small child.

Can your pet be trusted? Your affectionate animal companion may be perfectly well behaved in the company of adults but will your pet tolerate the less restrained fondling of a toddler?

Replace outlet covers with ones that include a sliding safety catch, the little plug-in covers can all too easily end up in your grandchild's mouth.

Heavy furniture and fixtures

Large and heavy shelving units, chests of draws, and appliances can be big dangers. Attach whatever you can to the walls. Push large heavy items like television sets or lamps back from the edge of the furniture they're situated on. Always put bigger heavier items on lower shelves and in bottom drawers to make furniture less top-heavy. Babies start to pull themselves up on furniture just shortly after they start to crawl. Be sure to keep drawers closed when not in use as they make excellent ladders for curious grandchildren.

Cover all sharp corners on low down pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and hearth edges with bumpers to reduce the impact if your grandchild should fall.

Windows and Doors

Always open double-hung windows from above or have them fitted with child locks to prevent children from opening them, from below. Low windows shouldn't be allowed to open more than 4 inches. Window guards are available that can prevent windows from opening wider than 4 in. Some newer windows come with window stops already inbuilt. Lock all outer doors; install door stops or door holders on inner doors and hinges to prevent injuries to little fingers.

Secure ties on blinds and curtains. Window blinds can be a particular danger because a baby's neck can become entangled in the cords that control the blinds .It only takes a couple of minute's inattention for a child to strangle itself in such a situation


Swimming pools .paddling pools garden ponds hot tubs, baths, toilets, and even buckets of water are all potential hazards. It is a fact that in the home most drowning deaths happen in the bathtub. Never leave your grandchild unattended in the bath not even for a minute to answer the door, not even if he/she is in a bath seat. Always supervise your grandchild whenever they're in the bathroom, install a safety device on your toilet lid to stop them from falling in. Infants and toddlers can drown in as little as an inch of water, Never leave water in the bathtub, never leave a mop bucket unattended, pour out the water as soon as you're finished. Take maximum care around pools and ponds if you have a in ground pool, enclose it with a fence that's at least 4 feet high, and a lockable gate and make certain it is locked after each use. Secure the covers on your spa or hot tub.


Experts maintain that smoke alarm can cut in half the chances of dying in a fire. Have a working smoke alarms in each room .Test them often to ensure they're working, and change the batteries twice a year. There are smoke alarms available now that use long-life (10-year) batteries.

Be Prepared

Add emergency numbers into the speed dial of your home phone and cell phones Keep a list of these numbers close to every phone in your residence and give a copy of the list to all relatives and frequent guests . Purchase a first aid kit if you don't already own one make sure its well stocked and nothing is past its expiry date.. Make sure babysitters and other caregivers know where to locate these supplies and how you wish them to respond in the event of an emergency

As your grandchild grows you will have to reevaluate these measures. Childproofing is a seemingly never ending process, challenging your ingenuity and your imagination and sometimes your patience, but never your love.

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