Aluminum alloy wheel and rim repair.Bent rims, cracked rims, rims and wheels missing pieces all fixed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Please View Our New Website !!!  www.the-wheel-doctor.com 

The Wheel Doctor repairs bent wheels, cracked wheels and curb rash.  We can cure those terrible vibrations and shakes you may experience at 40+ MPH at have your car rolling as smooth as silk, just like the day it left the dealership! 


Additionally, we can Chemically Strip and Powder Coat your damaged or undamaged wheel(s) in the color of your choice!  Any make, Any size!!!
We will repair your damaged wheel(s) the same day! We have a Hunter Auto34 tire changer and DSP 9700 Road Force Balancer on premise to change the most difficult and expensive tire/wheel combos WITHOUT DAMAGE, and balance the assembly to perfection!

The Wheel Doctor is also your ultimate superstore for new winter and high-performance tires. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! WE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE, ADVERTISED OR NOT!!

We carry all sizes of passenger car, SUV and light truck tires.
Brands Include:
Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Uniroyal, Continental, Hankook, Kumho, Fuzion, General, Mickey Thompson, Nexen, Nitto, Nanking, Dunlop, Pirelli, Riken, BF Goodrich, Yokohama, Falken, and many more.

The Wheel Doctor guarantees all customers Excellent Service and Quality Work at Reasonable Prices!!

So let's get back to healthy driving...Make an appointment with The Wheel Doctor today to repair your damaged wheels and rims and purchase Tires Wholesale!  (914) 377-0100



Gooddy  09/23/2012
Very Professional.My mechanic referred me to the wheel doctor after I felt a vibration in my steering wheel at 50mph and one of my tires had a slow leak.They just moved to a new facility in Yonkers, NY with lifts so they now take the wheel off of your car.I was very satisfied, they showed me the damage to both my wheels and repaired it while I waited.They have fancy equiptment that provided me with a printout after they were done.Pleasant experience.

a month ago-
Location is now in Yonkers (with car lift). I was very impressed by the technical expertise of this place (in business since 1990). They are very courteous and upfront. I am a mechanical engineer and the owner explained in very clear detail the methods used to repair and refinishing a damaged wheel. The shop has the top of the line Hunter Engineering road force balancer and tire mounting equipment. Before and after printouts were given to me of my two damaged front wheels and they were well within manufacturer's specifications after the repair. I have 18 inch VW Serron alloys with low profile tires and was afraid of them being damage going to a random shop, but they did an excellent job and I will definitely come back to this place!
Edward Agabs
2 weeks ago-
This shop is amazing. Derick is friendly, knowledgeable and seems to love what he does. Unlike other wheel shops that do not know how to properly use a Hunter Road Force machine, it is obvious he does. The shop is clean and has top end equipment.
Photo of Ben K.
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Queens, NY
8/30/2013 First to Review
I don't normally write glowing reviews (I'm generally a negative person who likes to complain about every little thing wrong with a business) but this one is warranted.

This shop is amazing.  Derek is friendly, knowledgeable and seems to love what he does.  Unlike other wheel shops that do not know how to properly use a Hunter Road Force machine, it is obvious he does.  The shop is clean and has top end equipment.

Visited initially a few months ago, had a nasty wheel vibration which turned out to be a poorly machined refinished wheel that I got from an insurance claim.  Even after initially Road Force balancing the wheel at a different shop, there was no difference.  Looking for a wheel repair shop, it led me here.  Derek indicated that this wheel could not be fixed, but believes he can make it much better.  Lo behold, he got it down to 29 lbs of road force, and drastically reduced vibration of the wheel to the point where I can live with it.

Fast forward to a few days ago, hit a nasty pothole which coincidentally bubbled the tire and ruined the "bad" wheel.  Got a replacement used wheel off craigslist with new tire which was also bent (argh!).  At least it was cheap.

Took it back to Derek, who indicated it was bent in multiple spots and showed me the printout which confirmed the problem and got to work.  Got the wheel down to 0.018" Radial TIR.  Before the repair was 0.196".

The level of detail that goes into his work with absolutely nothing to hide is why I would go out of my way to visit his shop for all my wheel repair needs.  Hopefully, I won't need to, but living in NYC it's about as certain as death and taxes!  Pricing is very reasonable and they take credit cards.

Andrey Black
2 weeks ago

S your wheels cracked or bent or If you need new tires for your car ,that's the right place.Derek getting wholesale prices from Discounttire, tirerack and others ,so you pay even less than online price.tires getting shipped directly to his shop.I did not know that ,and brought my own tires i could save even more.This shop has state of the art mounting and balancing equipment and quality of service is outstanding.I got all my wheels checked for bends ,new tires installed ,and balanced on roadforce balancing machine that used by race teams all over the world i got printout for each wheel confirming that everything within the specs..Price is very reasonable.Now my SAAB rides like Rolls Royce no vibration ,no noise at all.Don't go to the dirt cheap flat fix places on the corner their machines are outdated and they damaging wheels every time.But this place is absolutely different.Also if you need powdercoating ,Derek can do it too.
? ? ?
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
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Yonkers, NY
I have to agree with the recent post from Ben, this place is amazing. If he didn't write this post I would of never found Wheel Doctors.

Everything Ben wrote is right on point. Knowledge, quality, price and friendly customer service. The owner is also a car enthusiast and seems as if he cared for my car as if it was his own. He took his time in explaining everything and also pointed out issues with evidence from a bad job done by the last alignment and balance from the day before as well as 4 stripped lug nuts (Mavis you have lost a customer). I originally came for a bent rim that Mavis told me about after I paid for alignment which they can't even fix. So when I came to Wheel Doctors they fixed my bent rim and road force balanced all of my wheels BETTER than factory specs and my 06 Subaru WRX feels even better on the road. I found that they sell tires as well and asked for a quote for the same tires I just bought at Mavis and they were $30 cheaper per tire! Only if I found Wheel Doctors beforehand, they could have done it all and I would have saved a couple hundred dollars with a better job.

Either way I am glad I now have a place I can always go knowing I'll get the best quailty at the best price run by a pretty cool family (Thanks for letting catch up on Homeland while waiting for my car hehe). I have already told my brother (car enthusiast) about the place about their work and that they do powder coating as well. I would gladly recommend this place to anyone.

Wheel Doctors, I'll be seeing you again in the future.

This place is truly amazing they are so nice and friendly!! I recently hit a pot hole which dented my rim and destroyed my tire. Every place I called to order a new rim couldn't help me. At the wheel doctor they fixed my rim so I didn't have to replace it and got a new tire that same day for my appointment. My car is now running way better and smoother before I hit my pothole. I will continue to go this place and and recommend this place to others!

  • C. C.
  • Bronx, NY


I stumbled across this website and saw they were close to me. I looked up the reviews for them and was impressed. I made an appointment and was greeted by Derek and I found out later his wife as they were shoveling out the driveway. Once I got in I was treated in a friendly manner. Unfortunately I also needed a tire with my wheel straightening. Derek's wife got on the phone and ordered the same exact tire. Derek explained all the steps he does and why. Long story short, I am very happy. I will recommend The Wheel Doctor to anyone I can. I was made to feel like family
   If I could give them 7 stars I would. No alignments, but he can recommend.
P.S. Torqued the lug nuts on the wheels; Hardly no one does that.
    Also sells tires  Got a customer for life

                                                                      C. Cardoso




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