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We teach music lessons on a variety of instruments and styles at our music studios in Sequim, WA. Our lessons are friendly, professional, and enjoyable! We teach?piano lessons,?guitar lessons,?violin lessons,?cello lessons, ukulele lessons,?songwriting, and more. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION* and learn what makes us the best choice for music lessons in Sequim, WA

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Everything You Need to Get Started

We can help you choose an instrument that you enjoy and is just right for you. Schedule a consultation?and we can give you the opportunity to try different instruments and hear them played. We also make music lessons very affordable with our convenient instrument rent-to-own program.


Our teachers have music degrees and many years of experience teaching music. They are accomplished musicians with a wide variety of skills and expertise.

Learn Musicianship Skills

Our students learn to read music as well as play by ear and improvise. Our music lessons teach the fundamentals that empower our students to be successful in all musical environments.

Lesson Plans with You in Mind

We understand that the way people think and learn is unique. Our method and curriculum is unique for each student and is designed around each individual’s needs and talents.

  • Dungeness Music Academy

Patient and Encouraging Music Instructor

Dungeness Music Academy is a great place where my kids are challenged and stretched to beco
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– Tammy of Sequim, WA


Comprehensive Music Education

I appreciate Dungeness Music Academy for stretching my children not just on a musical instr
Read More
– Marilyn of Sequim, WA


Motivating Teacher

My son enjoys piano because of his teacher. He has patiently motivated my child to levels b
Read More
– Priya of Port Angeles, WA


Fun and Encouraging

Our daughters have had lessons at Dungeness Music Academy for 5 years. I love that they mak
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– Dawn of Port Angeles, WA


Lots of instruments to choose from!

Piano Lessons

Build your foundation of musicianship with?piano lessons.
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Guitar Lessons

Explore the possibilities while developing style with?guitar lessons.
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Cello Lessons

Classical, jazz, rock… bass, melody play it all with the?cello.
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Violin Lessons

The incredibly adaptive, versatile, and sensitive?violin.
More info

Drum Lessons

Find your rhythm and learn some great techniques.
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Ukulele Lessons

This small, four-stringed instrument is perfect for accompanying a singer or soloist..
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Bass Guitar Lessons

Learn everything you need to know to play bass guitar in a band.
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Songwriting Lessons

Learn how to set words to music and structure a song.
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    Choosing the right music teacher can make the difference between musical success and failure… but how do you find a good teacher? We want someone who...
  • Contemporary approach to learning to play music.

    Traditional and Contemporary Music Lessons

    Music lessons can take many different shapes and forms. There are a variety of approaches to learning an instrument and developing musicianship. Teachers and music academies...
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