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Web Camera Pro.

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  • Smart video surveillance based on artificial intelligence.

    Home Security Camera

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  • Free video surveillance software.

    arrowWeb Camera Pro 5.0
    Video Surveillance Software

    Award-winning video surveillance software allows the detection of objects in real-time on standard computer. Of course, if your computer has a GPU graphics card and supports CUDA, then the performance will be even higher.

    More than 3500 different IP camera models are supported. Virtually all USB cameras work with Web Camera Pro.

    Web Camera Pro- 頽e of the fastest free video surveillance software for detecting objects in real time
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    arrowMailingList Deluxe 6.80
    Send personalized messages to clients & customerswith this powerful e-mail communications program

    Mailing List Deluxe is a powerful tool in any marketingand communications arsenal. You simply write one message and send it toyour whole mailing list. The program's real power, however, is in its abilityto personalize your communications. You can address everyone on your listby their first name, if you so choose. Or you can include other details,such as the town or city where they live (so long as you actually havethat information in your customer database). This makes for great customerand client relations - and has been shown to boost sales. Best of all,personalization is done at the click of a button - no tedious copying andpasting.
    Mailing List Deluxe is a must-have marketing tool,whatever line of business you're in. It lets you fire out personalizede-mail shots to existing and prospective customers and is ideal for sendingout newsletters and ezines. It's also a very powerful PR (public relations)tool - press releases can be whizzed off to the media in minutes.
    The new version supports mailing list scheduler and  can sendmail in batches with a delay between each batch. New version allows tohave time delays on the emails, so that you can email all users withoutexceeding per hour limit. For example, if your ISP limits the maximum emailsper hour or you do not want overload your server.
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    arrowFTPCommander Deluxe 9.21
    Fast and Secure File Transfer

    Award-winning FTP client includes all current safety standards, such as SSL, TLS, SSH, PGP, password encryption. The program supports multithreading data transfer, the ability to synchronize folders and files, scripting, and 128-256 bit encryption. FTP Commander Deluxe isthe right choice when you need the ultimate in power, reliability and security.
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    arrowWebSiteeXtractor 10.52
    Download whole websites to your computer - and viewthem offline

    Whether you browse the web for research, work, or fun, there's nothingworse than having to wait for page after page to load in Internet Exploreror in other popular browsers. But now, with WebSite eXtractor, youcan download whole websites (or parts of them) in one go to your computer.You can then view the whole site offline at your leisure - and you canwhiz through the saved pages at lightning speed.
    WebSite eXtractor is a great tool for researchers, journalists,students, equity analysts, business and marketing executives, and for thosewho want to browse family websites containing digital photo albums. It'salso ideal for viewing the large photo galleries associated with onlinedating.
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