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Our real value is the depth & reach of our network into the hidden passive candidate market. Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement & Change Management to Business, Retail & Manufacturing.

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As one of the recruiting industry’s top boutique search firms with a very specialized business focus, we are very well connected. More...



Did you know that by 2030, it is expected that 50% of workers will be contingent.More...



The real value we bring to clients is our ability to tap into the gems of the hidden "passive" candidate market. More...



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Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting is a Unique Search firm strictly specializing in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Category Management, Operations/Planning & Change Management to Business, Retail and Manufacturing


Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting | Simply a Better Recruiter!

As one of the recruiting industry’s top high end boutique search firms with a very specialized business focus, we are extremely well connected. In today’s business climate where business networking reigns supreme, Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting continues to be a vital recruiting partner to organizations and individuals who want to stay out in front of those ‘hot’ employment verticals where the rivalry for talent is fierce.

We share a passion for excellence and a respect for the integrity of what we do. In an industry full of ‘fast talkers and under deliverers’, Argentus stands head and shoulders above the competition. It’s all about listening well, remaining educated in those areas we support, being brutally honest and always getting the right results.

What Makes Argentus Talent Acquisition Different?
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