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Goal Planning is Not Just a Work Thing

We all set goals whether deliberately or not. At work your boss may set you targets to achieve, or you may look at the pile of work on your desk and set your goals by deciding what you will complete that day.

That promotion at work could be you prime motivator. However many people only set goals which are work or career related, where your goal planning is easy to measure success or otherwise.

There is also a need to set goals in your personal and social life. What sort of goals? How about one goal to achieve is to make sure that your family immediate and distant know how much you love and appreciate them before it is too late and they or you are gone forever.

A goal to wake up every morning with a smile and determined to make the life of someone else better because they know you.

Why is it that 'Gurus' and self improvement teachers only believe that by setting mighty goals you will have a sense of achievement. This is just not true and many people do not set goals because they feel they should only set lofty goals, and when you do not achieve your goals you feel a sense of frustration and failure and believe you will never make anything of yourself.

Your goals to achieve could be to learn to play golf, the piano or any other thing that you have been putting off through lack of time. Goal objectives do not need to be massive or complicated; Your daily goals should be ones that keep you involved with what is going on around you every day but gradually change your life for the better.

Just try writing down one thing that you would like to do today, regardless of where it is at, work or home. A goal to do something today has to be simple or you will not do it. It could be simply to write or to visit someone you have not see or heard of in a long time.

How many times do you look at your 'To Do' list and wonder where you should start, so you decide tomorrow is a better day for looking at it. If you find writing a 'To Do' list frightening because you have so much 'To Do', try writing a 'Have Done' list at the end of the day, you will be surprised at what you really achieve each day, from making another person smile to clearing out your garage.

Giving yourself a reward for getting something on your list done today is a great motivator in making tomorrow better. When you have compiled your 'Have Done' list for a number of days or weeks, whenever you feel a little down with yourself get it out, you will feel lifted again just reading through your achievements, large and small, without the need to read a book by a 'Famous Guru' that can make you feel inferior.

In order to achieve your goals, large or small, there are techniques to help you achieve all of them. These are techniques that have been used by successful people throughout the ages and the beauty is that once you have been told what they are you can use these same techniques to achieve what you want no matter what it is.

You do not have to study a Masters Degree or belong to the intelligence, you have to be you, just what you are, what you know and what you can do now. Goal planning, goal setting and achievement are pleasurable things that give your life value.

A dreamer has a dream and takes action one who fantasises has a dream and then another one. Turn your dreams to reality by creating your own future history. David Dutch has helped hundreds to achieve their life time goals now he want to reach out and help you through his books; articles; website and Blog

The Importance Of Goal Setting

You get into personal development, and all it seems since the beginning, is that everyone tells you to set goal. We have heard about goal setting, once, twice, perhaps even hundreds of time! So, why do these motivators, life coaches, and self help books keep trying to get you to set goals?

You may have or may not have heard the term 'Without a vision people perish'. How true! Studies have found that more deaths occur after important public occasions. This is due, not because of an outbreak of violence! The deaths occur because of that vision. At least from looking at the facts, this is a belief I hold. Again it may or may not be true, however putting 1 and 1 together, you get 2. And this looks like the most likely cause of this phenomenon.

Another interesting research has found that more people have heart attacks on Mondays. More specifically Monday mornings! I don't need to say, the very likely cause is that people don't like the work they do! Here is why goal setting is so crucial in our lives.

I wonder how many of those people were so concerned about getting to work early to not have to have another long talk with the boss, that it ended on Monday morning! Goal setting can help us with such a simple thing has getting to work on time, however, goal setting is not just for time keeping.

Knowing how to effectively set goals is the key ingredient here. Effective goal setting allows you to transform your life, if you choose to. If you take a look around where you are, you will see what goal setting has done for man.

While many people go to work, can't wait for the paycheck, and spend life in front of a TV, goals do not mean much. And simply using goal setting strategies for getting to work in time is not doing goal setting its full justice. The house, the room, the building you are sitting in right now, is there because of a person's goal setting ability; and of course translating that into action.

The reason many personal development coaches stress the importance of setting goals is that of being mindful. We are born to the world and find a pretty much straight path through life. First learn, then earn, then get married, have kids and retire. Though we all generally follow the same pattern, life offers us much more to it.

If you really want to live life on your terms, goal setting is the first step. I have to stress the first step, as all too often, people will make the goal setting, and planning phase last from step one to step 10, and take no action!

Are you sick and tired of what you do for work? Are you working in a dead end job? Now we have passed the new millennium, and this millennium is showing us that, yes man and woman, and all can do what they want.

After all, if everyone does what they love, we would have a better world. Films such as the Secret, and several others are helping people see that vision. This may seem like a utopian view, and you may think to go back to work and function as you have. But, realize that people in the main are like ships without rudders, without a goal they don't have a destination, and no daydreaming is not goal setting.

Goal setting needs action, and now more and more people are awakening to the possibility that yes it is possible. I am excited at seeing a world where more people set goals and take action.

From goal setting to goal achievement, Kozan Huseyin has helped many people find there own success story. Learn the true success secrets to setting goals and seeing those goals materialize in reality!

How To Goal Set

Your Success Coach

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Top 10 Small Electrics You Need in Your Home

There are essential small electrics you need in your home to make your living more efficient. These items will all save time and effort so you have more time to do things you want. Plus none of them are that expensive so it will not only make your life easier but not break the bank in the hard times.

1. Cordless telephone - Only because I always walk around on the phone

2.Electric mixer - If Jamie Oliver uses one, why can't we.

3. Battery charger - Where would we be without our mobiles etc...

4. Small portable heater - Ssaves you money on central heating and can take the nip away

5. George Foreman grill - If you dont have one you must live in the IOM where no one will deliver any thing

6. Electric toothbrush - Also pretty fun

7. Electric can opener -I'm lazy I know

8. Small desk lamp - Make sure it can take energy efficient bulbs

9. Kettle - Get a cordless one

10. Hoover - Get an bagless one

All of these items will help simplify your life. You will be able to cook faster and more efficiently, brush your teeth in half the time, keep your house cleaner, and much more.

Of course if you go in to any retailer, Walmart, Tesco, Argos, your heads will always be turned by all the amazing electricals, but you have to think do you really need these things. Hopefully this list will give you an insight as to the basics I believe everyone needs.

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House Flipping - House Ideas

You usually don't hear people talking about "hidden" costs when flipping houses, rather, you hear about how much money they made.

"And we really didn't have to do much either!", you'll hear them say.

While there are flipping jewels that do indeed fall into people's laps, the reality is that those flips are few and far between. If you're considering flipping, you certainly want to go into it with a lot of enthusiasm, but with a healthy dose of caution as well. Learning to "read" houses when inspecting them before buying will help you see more clearly what possible repairs might be needed to make the house ready for the market. Not paying attention to certain warning signs of structural problems could mean the difference of making, or losing money altogether.

If you're relatively inexperienced at flipping, or considering your first flip, pay attention to what the house is "telling you". You could go into it thinking you will make some great money, only to spend any profits on major repairs. Remember, in many flips, you are buying foreclosure property, property with tax liens against them, etc. So, understand that you are buying the property as is, warts and all.

Some major repair signs to be on the lookout for, are the following:

  • Leaky basement walls. It could get very expensive to waterproof a basement and make it completely dry.
  • Evidence of mold anywhere in the house, particularly in bathroom, kitchen, basement, and crawl spaces. This means water is coming into the house from somewhere.
  • A wavy roof. If you notice the roofline has a slight wave to it, it might be due to deteriorating structural support and underlayment. Also, the condition of the shingles and flashing could mean stripping away the old roof and installing a new one.
  • Sagging floor. Does the floor have noticeable sag to it? If so, there might be serious problems with not only deteriorating floor joists, but deeper foundation and structural support problems as well.
  • Strong smell of pet odor in the flooring. Not a huge expense if hardwood floors don't exist. But if there is hardwood flooring and you want it utilized, you should definitely have the floors sanded and refinished.
  • Weak and/or deteriorating wall structural support due to termite infestation or rotted wood framing. You can't see what's behind drywall or plaster, so the best you can do is look for water stains, bowed walls, and sagging ceilings with cracked walls as evidence.
  • Look for evidence of asbestos. You'll see it in the form of shingle-style exterior siding, insulating wrap for plumbing and ducts, tile flooring, and attic insulation. You will know it because of it's old, yellow-coloring and flaky, fibrous texture. Asbestos removal can be an expensive, and because of environmental concerns, you should use only experienced removal companies.
  • Just like asbestos, be on the lookout for lead paint as well. Removal can be potentially expensive to tackle because of the extent with which you would have to safeguard people from exposure, and the cost to replace/treat any contaminated areas.

  • Having this particular increased-awareness mindset makes good business sense when evaluating any piece of property. Consult with a professional such as a general contractor or realtor and have them help you assess any possible repairs and related costs. When you have all of the facts and figures in front of you, can you then make an informed decision. When you do, in fact, submit a bid, you're price will reflect any necessary repair expense.

    If you're relatively new or considering entering the house flipping business for the first time, please visit http://www.House-Flipping-Helper.com for more information regarding all things house flipping and remodeling.

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    A Real Solution to the Problem of Child Abuse?

    Modern society is so plagued with problems that people from all walks of life are attempting to solve as many of them as they can. Many Christians profess belief in the Bible as God's answer and solution to every problem that society can and does face. However, numerous believers are embracing the solutions that are offered by those who don't consider the Bible as God's word and; consequently, ignore its counsel, guidance, instruction, and warnings.

    If someone truly believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God in which the answer to all ills is found, that individual must accept the Bible's declarations. It clearly declares the existence of an intelligent entity of various names in scripture but commonly known as "Satan". Several biblical passages warn of the craftiness of this evil being as well as his mastery of the art of deception. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says, "and no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." "Transformed" refers to putting on a most clever disguise as an angel of light.

    Revelation 12:9 reveals that the reason for the disguise is to deceive as many as possible, believer or not. The passage reads, "and the great dragon was cast out. That old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."

    What does this have to do with the solving of society's problems? Everything. All of the evils that plague man are the works of Satan and have their origin in him since the beginning. This is precisely why the Son of God came to earth. 1 John 3:8 teaches that, "...the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil."

    One of the most important truths the believer can keep in mind is the need to beware of embracing "solutions" to problems that are from the same source as the problem itself--the Enemy of God masquerading as an angel of light. There are numerous real life examples of this type of deception on top of deception which only stacks problems upon more problems.

    It should not be difficult for any believer to see that child abuse figures among the practically endless list of the works of the Enemy. While it's a good thing to desire its eradication, it's not a good thing to accept a solution from the same source that gave the problem. Many people, Christian and non-Christian, have embraced the "solution" of forbidding parents to physically discipline their children. Nevertheless, the abuse of children has not declined. What is more is that a new problem has arisen--wrongful jailing of parents and caretakers who have disciplined, but not abused their children while abusive parents continue to escape the "protective" system. Notice that solutions from the kingdom of darkness will always contradict the word of God.

    Proverbs 13:24 says, "he that spareth his rod hateth his son, but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes." To "spare the rod" is to refuse to physically discipline. The words "hateth" and "loveth" simply refer to the making of choices. One may chose to refrain from physical discipline because he accepts man's advice over God's, or because he fears man's law over God's, or because he sees it as cruel regardless of how God sees it. Decisions such as these amount to "hating" the child in that the child's learning to submit to proper authority and the importance of obedience to the saving of his life, are of less importance. The word "betimes" refers to the use of physical punishment from an early age. Proverbs 22:15 again reminds that, "foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him."

    It is understandable that those who are not believers will support anti-biblical solutions to society's problems. However, believers claim to be enlightened in spiritual matters. Why then do they embrace the same problem-causing "solutions" as those who claim no special enlightenment?

    The example regarding child abuse is only one in many that prove that the Enemy's "solutions" never has and never will solve the problems that he created in the first place.

    In-depth Bible studies by Heavenly Manna

    Misquoted Bible Verses or Misused Bible VersesWhich is Worse

    A clich is a trite expression or idea conveyed so often it becomes common. Clichs usually lack interest or originality but their real failing is that they are rarely ever questioned or investigated. They have a way of creeping undetected into the everyday language of the people. The sheer force of repetition establishes a clich until it is held as something sacred or immutable. For example take the common saying "God helps those who help themselves." This saying is repeated by thousands of people the world over and most of them think it is taken from the Bible. It is not a Bible verse but it has taken on almost as much authority as one. This clich is not just a few degrees off the mark but it is diametrically opposite the Bible teaching. God is a helper especially to those who cannot help themselves. The simple, the fatherless, the widows are all promised special help from God because of their helplessness. Christians have their share of unquestioned clichs. While many of them have some measure of truth in them they beg to be more meticulously scrutinized. Here is one very important example.

    "Never Take a Scripture Verse Out Of Context"

    This clich is often used when we are trying to establish whether a teaching or doctrine we've heard is true. It is often used to pinpoint the errors of the cults and the so-called pseudo-Christian religions.

    The truth is that it is often necessary to take a verse out of its context to convey its most basic meaning. To include the verse preceding or following some verses would tend to cloud their truest meaning in literally hundreds of instances. The scriptures for the most part are not written in a narrative form. This is especially true of the New Testament epistles. A few examples are as follows... In Proverbs 11: 28-30 are three verses that are totally unrelated. If we were to be emphasizing the necessity of keeping peace in the home verse twenty-nine would be a good verse to use.

    He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart. (Proverbs 11:29)

    Verses twenty-eight and thirty have absolutely nothing to do with keeping peace in the home. We are forced to extricate or disengage the verse from its context to gain the fullest use of it. We can carry our example still a step further to illustrate the weakness of the clich. The first sentence of verse twenty-nine is separated from the second by a colon. The second sentence is in no way thematically connected to the first. In order to get the greatest impact from this verse if we were stressing the idea of peace in the home it would be necessary not only to remove the verse from the context of the passage but we would be forced to split up the verse and leave part of it out altogether. Hundreds of Bible verses are found in similar complexity

    Subject matter changes so frequently in the New Testament that it becomes necessary to remove a whole passage from its context to gain the full meaning of it. The weakness of this clich is perhaps best seen in the sayings of the Lord himself. He was notorious for dangling quoted verses in mid air without supportive contextual inclusions.

    Many times Jesus would say, "It is written" or "Have ye never read" and quote a single verse taken right out of its context. He made no apologies for not including the preceding or following verses and the effect of his single verse sayings often stopped the mouths of his enemies or illustrated a great principle to his followers. Sometimes the verses he quoted were taken from texts that originally had nothing to do with the subject he was dealing with. Such is the case where Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees for accepting the praise of the little children in the temple...

    And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying, Hosanna to the son of David; they were sore displeased... (Matthew 21:15)

    Jesus answered with a single verse taken from Psalm 8:2 that in its original context had nothing to do with establishing the inspiration or accuracy of a child's spontaneous praises. Psalm eight is a song of recognition of God's glory because of His wonderful creation and a query of the invested powers given to man by God. Yet out of this seemingly unrelated passage Jesus extracted and wielded a single verse to the shame of his enemies, the Pharisees.

    ...And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise? (Matthew 21:16)

    If he had included the preceding and following verses of the passage it would have made absolutely no sense. Jesus in fact quoted verses taken out of context over twenty times as recorded in the four gospels. While some are repeated in the parallel gospels this only serves to verify that he did make a general practice of it. Even more amazing is the fact that unlike the apostles, Jesus never quoted more than one verse of scripture at a time. The apostles quoted two or three but never more than four at a time.

    The apostles and the writers of the New Testament epistles far exceed the Lord's proclivity for taking verses out of context. Over ninety times from the book of Acts to Revelation verses are pulled out of context and used as proof texts. Less than ten times do they include more than one verse of scripture. The closest some of them come to even identifying their source is with such phrases as "David saith" or "Isaiah saith it" The rest of the quotes begin with such phrases as "he saith also in another place," "Wherefore he saith," "What saith the scriptures," "Wherefore as the Holy Ghost saith," "The prophets saith," "wot ye not what the scripture saith," "The scripture saith" and "What saith it." Thirty-eight times the above sayings were used to quote a verse out of context. Only a well studied student with an excellent memory could even hope to guess at where such scriptures might be located. Keep in mind also that they were quoted over thirteen centuries before the printing press was invented. The hearers had to depend largely on the integrity of the speaker or writers for the accuracy of the quote. They couldn't whiz through the pages of their Bibles and read verses preceding or following the quoted verse. If taking a verse out of context is the crime we hold it to be then not naming the source of our quotation must be a cardinal crime and all the writers and figures of the New Testament were guilty of it.

    The term used most profusely in the New Testament in connection with a verse taken out of context is "It is written." Every verse Jesus quoted was preceded by it and the apostles used it over fifty times themselves. It is the equivalent of a more modern saying that we are all familiar with, "The bible says." We have all heard preachers who warn that a verse should never be taken out of context and then we hear them say, "The Bible says," literally thousands of times in their teachings This is one inconsistency we should be thankful for because without it teaching would often be incomprehensible and quite dull.

    It has become an accepted fact among believers that the enemies or false teachers are the ones who make the habit of taking verses out of context. But by contrast we can see that it is in fact the believer or the Lord himself who have exercised this practice most often A few times the Pharisees said, "Why did Moses write..." or a similar expression and it is recorded twice that the devil said, "It is written." Beyond doubt we can see that the opposing forces of the kingdom rarely practice this most dreaded habit. The reason for this is plain. Paul once said that some men were preaching the Gospel out of envy hoping to add further affliction to him by stirring up the anti-Christian forces. He concluded that it didn't matter why they were doing it. The effect was the same. Souls were saved. (Phil. 1:15-19) Satan doesn't like to quote any scripture even if it is out of context.

    For this very reason, in many of the cults the scripture quotes are reduced and often not quoted at all. Another authority or special spiritual experiences often replace them. In reality false teachers do no more than the true teachers when they take a verse out of context. The difference is in the intention. Where there is an evil intention even verses quoted in context can be twisted and misused. We should be far more involved in discerning the spirit in which we are taught rather than the letter. If our teachers have a history of giving sound teaching, and have recognized and certified ministries shouldn't we allow them reasonable latitudes? We should give them the freedom to extract verses for our learning even if they must occasionally resort to the dastardly Practice of "taking a verse out of context."

    Rev Bresciani has written many articles over the past thirty years in such periodicals as Guideposts and Catholic Digest. He is the author of two books available on Amazon.com, Alibris, Barnes and Noble and many other places. Rev Bresciani wrote Hook Line and Sinker or what has Your Church Been Teaching You, publisher, PublishAmerica of Baltimore MD. He also wrote a book published by Xulon Press entitled An American Prophet and His Message, Questions and Answers on the Second Coming of Christ. His book is now being heralded as the clearest book on the subject of the second coming of Christ since Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" Rev Brescianis website is,


    Ceiling Fan Parts - How To Choose The Right Parts For Your Ceiling Fan

    If you have an interest in adding an element of elegance and function to a room in your house, one feature that you will automatically look to is the ceiling fan. To better understand the workings of your ceiling fan, however, you should be familiar with the various and essential ceiling fan parts.

    This will make future repair and replacement a great deal easier, as well as help you maintain the integrity of this device. Listed below, you'll find five of the essential parts that make your ceiling fan run smoothly.


    The blades of your ceiling fan are the most recognizable part, and luckily, due to the fact that they can wear out and even break, are often easily replaced. Even if your fan is of foreign construction or is simply less common, replacement blades can always be drilled to fit.

    Replacement kits, which contain only the blades themselves, can be easily acquired. Similarly, you'll find that the blade arms, which hold the blades on to the turning mechanism, can be found in generic replacement sets, though these are more generalized. If you have an older fan whose appearance you want to preserve, contact the original retailer


    The capacitor is the part of your fan that controls the speed and movement and fortunately, it can often easily be replaced as well. Make sure that before you go to buy a new capacitor that you check the rating o the model, due to the fact that your fan should only use a capacitor that spins at the appropriate power.


    The motor, as the power source, might be the part of the fan that is the most difficult to replace. Motors these days are are built to last, though, and it is considered a fairly rare problem if it is the motor itself that fails. Replacement might be necessary if the motor fails, although if you are attached to the ceiling fan itself, you can always check with a specialist.

    Pullchain Switches

    Pullchain switches are the most common part of a ceiling fan to require repair, most likely due to the fact that they are the part that is most often handled. You'll find that the chain can be pulled out of the socket if yanked too hard, but luckily they are easily taken care of.

    When you go to the hardware store to replace the pullchain and socket, make sure you match it up with the fan you have. Find out how many wires are used in your pullchain and how many speeds your fan has, and make sure that the chain you buy is identical.

    Mounting Bracket

    The mounting bracket is the part of your ceiling fan that holds it to the ceiling, and failure of this part is extremely unlikely. However, water damage or loss during a move can occur, an the mounting bracket can easily be replaced.

    If your ceiling fan utilizes a downrod, you'll be able to replace the mounting bracket at just about any hardware store or home center. If you have a different arrangement, you will need to get in contact with the manufacturer.

    Copyright 2008 Ceiling-fan-wizard.com, all rights reserved.

    Mark is the editor Ceiling-fan-wizard.com which Provides you with the best ceiling fan reviews and ratings. To Find More Ceiling Fan Parts ratings and reviews for your home visit http://www.ceiling-fan-wizard.com

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