Advantage Fabricated Metals provides custom metal components, metal forming, and fabricating services for original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications. 
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Advantage Fabricated Metals - We invest in our customers Call Advantage Fabricated Metals at 1-773-650-1390 to speak to a custom metal fabricating service representative.
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Advantage Fabricated Metals is a full-service manufacturer of custom metal components for original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications.

We are more than just a metal fabricating company. We partner with our customers, providing innovative and cost effective products that achieve competitive and strategic market advantages for our customers.

Call us today at 1-815-323-1310 and speak directly to a custom metal fabricating service representative near you.

Metal Deformation

Our metal deformation services include metal stamping, roll forming, press braking and embossing.

Metal Reduction

Our metal reduction services include punching, notching, shearing, and blanking.

Secondary Services

Our metal forming secondary services include welding, assembly, cut to length, tool development and much more!

Advantage Fabricated Metals
a division of Corrugated Metals, Inc.
We invest in our customers.T
3575 Morreim Drive . Belvidere, Illinois 61008
Phone: 1-815-323-1310 . Fax: 1-815-323-1317

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