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    Published on 05-16-201010:17 PM Number of Views: 11407 
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    Hi ,
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    by Published on 02-13-201407:42 AM   Number of Views: 13715 

    ATTENTION RACE FANS!!!!!!On behalf of the Fort Cobb Drag BoatsAssociation, we are proud to announce we have found a...
    by Published on 11-21-201307:43 AM   Number of Views: 16244 
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    I need to know how many are going to order calendars this year so I don't run out like last year...
    They are going to be $16 and that...
    by Published on 11-19-201306:44 AM   Number of Views: 9697 

    Note: Admin condensed this story for the front page...

    Wanted to share a little story about my little brother and a boat.

    My brothers and I grew up in a bbc powered flatty so when we grew up surprise we didn't own sail boats. Now my youngest brother loved boating and having a loud kick ass boat. So when he had saved enough he got an old basket case flat bottom. He also got some new not so good friends.

    He stopped working on the boat and started down the path that's almost impossible to return from. My family and I were heart broken. See my little bro never had a lot of selfs steamed and wasn't as big as his brothers. So I tried everything I could do to get him to stopp. I would talk to him about boats,cars and show him what you can have when you work hard and not wastes your life.

    I found a guy on ksl that had hot rod boats for sale so I though I could get him excited if we saw some boats or got some parts.. The guy we visited had awesome boats,cars and a big shop. He gave us a tour and showed us his stuff. He also had some advice on boats and life..When we drove away from that guys shop my brother said I'm gonna have a boat as cool as his I just need to get my shit together..
    Fast forward five years my brother is sober has a real good jod. He bought a nice little flat bottom that needs a engine so he put it in storage.. Last month I found a boat on Craig's list that is the twin to my dad's boat a 1970 aqua craft flat bottom bbc powered turn key wow. I showed it to my little brother he said I'm gonna go buy it. We'll he did don't worry I post some pics. We'll I couldn't be more proud of him and guess what he got the boat and paid cash for it wow. Their is a lot of people who helped him and didn't even know they did. One of those people is on here and I wanted to tell you thank you we ow you a ride in his boat

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleek FreakView Post
    have I met any of you guys ? I've heard this story before from someone in your neck of the woods. maybe one of you have been down to my place and bought parts from me?

    Yes sir Roger your the guy that help in spire my little brother thank you wait till you see his boat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleek FreakView Post
    wow, what a small world. tell your bro I'm ready for that ride anytime!
    by Published on 11-15-201306:02 AM   Number of Views: 13701 
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    Bring a new unwrapped toy (or toys) and come hang out with us at Gas Monkey Bar n Grill. If you have a cool ride, bring...
    by Published on 11-15-201305:59 AM   Number of Views: 16810 

    Saturday November 2, 2013...

    I know it's short notice and not even sure if we'll be able to access Lake Berryessa because of the government shut down, but VintageJetBoats.com...
    by Published on 11-15-201305:52 AM   Number of Views: 8673 
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    Published on 09-05-201310:16 AM   Number of Views: 9699 

    STOLEN 8-30-2013 OUT OF THE SACRAMENTO AREA !!!! PLEASE CONTACT WITH ANY INFORMATION robert.armington@gmail.com 916-934-4099


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