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The heart is called Yi [unified power] becuz when intent moves, spirit is agitated; qi is dispersed. Qi is the Mother of spirit; Spirit is the child of qi. The Mother as qi is the horse that guides/conducts the river chariot (yin spirit) in the water (yin jing). Once your mind is away from the lower Elixir Field, your Qi will be led away from it and be consumed. By gathering the Shen into the lower tan tien then the Qi follows it there.Light of eyes descend as Yang fire inner yin qi line

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Doing 50 pushups - how strength is tied to meditation and Quantum Qi movie

Based on national averages, a 40-year-old woman should be able to do 16 push-ups and a man the same age should be able to do 27. By the age of 60, those numbers drop to 17 for men and 6 for women. Those numbers are just slightly less than what is required of Army personnel who are subjected to regular push-up tests.
If the floor-based push-up is too difficult, start by leaning against a countertop at a 45-degree angle and pressing up and down. Eventually move to stairs and then the floor.
LaLanne, who once set a world record by doing 1,000 push-ups in 23 minutes, still does push-ups as part of his daily workout.
Are you fit? Drop and do 50 push-ups

Wow -  I had no idea those average numbers were so low. I just did 50 pushups and I still have my "winter fat" since I've been sticking around home more to keep an eye on the pandemic. So I will be fasting again - and last year I was able to lose 20 pounds from fasting. This year I keep gaining it back! But for doing push ups - with more body weight then I get more resistance - so I've been enjoying doing push ups more with more body weight!
 The human body is notoriously slow. One can eat a lot of food and eventually gain the same amount of weight in a few days that they lost in a month. By doing 50 pushups a day for a year, you are encouraging your body to produce human growth hormone.
Below is the program that has helped people go from 50 pushups to 80 pushups in two weeks. If your max is under 50 reps, take your current max and multiply by FOUR: This will equal what you should do daily for 10 days of the Pushup-Push Workout.So if you can do 20 pushups - only do 80 pushups a day,

So I think of pushups as the prison exercise - or the military exercise. But civilization - modern civilization essentially is a big open air prison or military. Sure I have no personal experience with prison or the military - luckily - but Mexico for example has "open air" jails - they have towns that are literally jails.

Wim Hof recommends doing push ups after doing the Tummo breathing exercises. Essentially exercise should be seen as a way to push the sympathetic nervous system to its extreme to then achieve the Parasympathetic Rebound - as a deep relaxation and serotonin bliss high.

That is how the qi energy is created and stored up - with meditation then going deeper via coherent biophoton laser spirit energy.
  I just wanted to get fitter and decided to do at least 200 push-ups each day.
I had two methods that I followed. At work, I would drop to the ground each hour and just did 20. Easy and quite fast to do.
That helped in so far, that doing them was nothing special anymore. Just drop and do 20. Can be done in 30 seconds or less. Wuzzah.
What helped me increase the endurance and achieve 50+ was the pyramid method.
I would do 1, then pause for the time it took me for that 1 (I just counted in my head, as I was counting them loud when doing them). After that I would do 2, short rest again. Then 3, 4, 5 up until 10. And then back to 9, 8... finishing at 1.
The individual blocks are short enough that you can say to yourself you got this. You will curse when you first hit 10 and realize you need to go back again. But it will get easier every day. You might start cursing on your way back at 8 on the second day.
And once you finish the two pyramids with only those short breaks, doing 50 in a row is laughable.
 So obviously there are "50 pushups" and then 50 pushups with good form - and done slowly - a totally different thing. I used to do - I bought a used weight lifting exercise machine - a bench press.

I remember my old neighborhood friends - when I was around 10 years old and my friend's older brother - Oh I was 15 years old when I last saw them - so maybe 14 years old - anyway they had a bench press in their basement and they played football. I was not into sports - I had played soccer but I noticed that the other males were taking it all too seriously! The fun had disappeared; I found this fascinating at a psychological level - I realized the sports had become a kind of war games training. It just seemed boring to me on a psychological level.

So when I got the bench press - it was due to meditation. So I noticed that when people get angry at me - then instead of me expressing anger back at them - their anger is now STORED IN ME as EXTRA energy - a liver blockage. And so I just need to transform that anger liver blockage extra energy into muscle - since that liver blockage is literally EXTRA QI ENERGY!!

So whenever I got yelled at - I literally SAID NOTHING - and all their anger was not stored in my liver and I quickly went down to the Bench Press - and I did reps. And so soon I got up to the "standard" minimum level of "two plates" or 225 pounds bench pressing.

So going into higher weight than that can easily be dangerous if you don't have someone helping - in case you drop the weights. I did drop the weights several times but managed to always get them off my chest. haha. It was kind of a freaky experience and there was no way I could risk that happening at over 225 pounds.

I actually told qigong master Jim Nance about my strategy on lifting weights and he agreed with it - he said - not too many people would have noticed that energy dynamic to lifting weights.

Qigong Master Jim Nance shared with me just how big his body used to be in terms of muscle build up. He used to lift a lot of weights. He said when he was in Turkey playing professional basketball - one time he lifted up a car so that the tire could be changed (or I think that was the reason he lifted the car). Another time when he was studying with the spiritual healer Karmu - at Harvard Square - then Karmu told Jim to collect the rent from a tenant who was not paying. Only the tenant had been one of Muhammad Ali's boxing assistants or maybe it was a body guard! Anyway the tenant, despite refusing to pay rent previously, finally decided to pay his rent and thereby not have to confront Jim physically.  was it this person? (vid interview) So Jim was super huge in terms of his muscle buildup as his dad had trained professional boxers also - and Jim's father was a military leader - and maintained his leadership by always winning fights.

So for me - I have never been physically big or strong - but because of meditation then I was able to perceive the secret energy dynamics to building up muscle and so I was able to build up a basic minimum of muscle to be considered "strong."

Qigong Master Yan Xin has a section in his book - about how a famous body lifter in China had hit his limit - so then Yan Xin just charged up the man with qi energy and then he doubled his reps!

Truly our muscles are controlled by our nervous system - and our nervous system is controlled by the Qi or Prana or N/om energy. Jim told me how he had - using his qi energy - actually moved a big car up a hill (when it had gone off the road) - with one hand!! The lady needed quick help and he didn't think twice about moving the car to get it out of the ditch or whatever. I think it was a van.

Anyway so when Jim was a very successful kungfu fighter in the 1960s - he always won but he also always cried from winning. So he saw the opponent in slow motion and he FELT the pain of the opponent - in his OWN body - before he did it to the opponent. So that is why a Chinese teacher told Jim that Jim needed to train in "internal martial arts" - because due to the truth of Nondual, Nonlocal reality - therefore truly what we see as our external physical reality - ALREADY exists inside us! Reality is truly holographic.

So the "original" qigong master - Jim told me how the original qigong master had trained to even crack open rocks using external qi energy at a distance. But that kind of use of the external qi energy was "too violent." And so the original qigong master focused on healing people instead of using the qi energy for violence.

So the first qigong master I experienced - Effie P. Chow - she emphasized this same point - that in qigong training - the energy is amplified through resonance. So she emphasizes that positive thinking is the key core to the training since each thought is then amplified through the qi energy through our body. Quantum Qi Crowdfunding Campaign- Heal Yourself, Heal the World

So a Yogi has to control their subconscious thoughts at the biophoton spirit level - at the speed of light. And this is why a qigong master even has healing happen IN the FUTURE!! So Effie P. Chow shared how often a client going to her to get healing - they will experience the healing BEFORE they physically get there for the healing. haha.

So when the book Taoist Yoga: alchemy and Immortality was written - the author assumed that the readers would also be doing physical standing active exercises as martial arts training. And so the author clarified that if the person is also doing standing active exercises then the results of meditation will be doubled.

So the key secret of qigong exercises is that we are utilizing the noncommutative phase energy of the body and mind. So in Yiquan for example you do a standing active posture that is static - in the West this is called "Isometric exercises" - when I learned about this from my female soccer coach - Mrs. Baille - I was totally intrigued. She just stood there and said you can exercise by doing this. But in fact the secret is to visualize energy from the right hand to the left foot and the left hand to the right foot, etc.

In the West we are taught that the two eyes are symmetrical and the two hands are symmetrical - but in the Hadith of Islam - Muhammad teaches that the left hand is the moon and the right hand is the sun - and yet even Allah transcends this polarity. How is that true? When we say Allah we put our tongue against the roof of our mouth to connect the Front and Back energy channels of the body. Islam was started out of alchemical training through blacksmith iron weapon technology. This goes back to Pythagorean alchemy training also.

I once had a young black male coworker ask me if I was Muslim. I had talked to him before about reading the biography of Malcolm X. I think probably that my coworker friend had seen me reading in the Somali cafe - as it was along the bus route. I used to regularly read in the Muslim cafes - even though I was the only white person there much less the only non-muslim. haha.

So the key is to know the secret of religion - based on the energy training - and how this is tied to strength as well as health and healing energy.

The source of the black meterorite Ka'bah or Kaaba is the Cosmic Mother Apopis of Egypt - the magnetic power of the Universe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Black Blues Musician Disrobes a white KKK "leader" - through mutual respect of differences

I just remembered a funny joke. My closest friend in high school - he went with me to pick up the bass player in our roots reggae band - I think we were going to a party together. So the bass player is African-American and my friend is Asian-American - and I'm Caucasian-American - so when the black parents open the door - my ABC friend (American Born Chinese) says,
Hi we're the Mormons.
He ended up leaving the Klan. I'm not a psychologist, I'm a musician - Ted talk vid

So he says how the KKK dudes would attend his music concerts! And he is playing blues music.

So how powerful was the blues music is convincing that klan leader of his error?

Long-term reduction in implicit race bias: A prejudice habit ...

Our results raise the hope of reducing persistent and unintentional forms of discrimination that arise from implicit bias. Keywords: prejudice, stereotyping, ...
by PG Devine - ?2012 - ?Cited by 761 - ?Related articles
We know that activating the vagus nerve through frission dopamine bliss actually reduces fear and Daryl Davis, as a musician, emphasizes that fear is what causes hatred and misunderstanding.

That was also the message of Yoda - in his critique of one of the Jedis in training.

] Thrills, chills, frissons, and skin orgasms: toward an integrative model of transcendent psychophysiological experiences in music

L Harrison, P Loui - Frontiers in Psychology, 2014 -
… Jungr, B. (2002). “Vocal expression in the blues and gospel,” in The Cambridge Companion to
Blues and Gospel Music … Psychol. Music 19, 110–120 … The role of harmonic expectancy violations
in musical emotions: evidence from subjective, physiological, and neural responses …
 Jungr, B. (2002). “Vocal expression in the blues and gospel,” in The Cambridge Companion to Blues and Gospel Music, ed. A. Moore (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 102–115.


 So what is it about blues music that makes it the highest level of Frisson production of any Western music genre?

 So the key is to go into microtonality and also into octave falsetto or subharmonics -


There is no culture in Color - why race is not real yet race matters - ted talk vid

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