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Saturday, June 27, 2020


Good morning,

In one week it will be the Fourth of July, time to celebrate the Independence of the USA.

I like fireworks and since I was a little girl I have enjoyed going to the professional displays that are so exciting and beautiful.  I remember one year about 20 years ago Kjell, Catherine, and I went on board the Belle of Cincinnati on the Ohio River and watched the fireworks over the Cincinnati skyline.  It was fabulous.  We also have fond memories of annually attending Red, White, and Boom, the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Fourth of July Concert at Riverbend, the Orchestra's Summer Home on the Ohio River at Coney Island.  The concert of patriotic music always ended with the 1812 Overture and a full fireworks display.  Marvelous! 

But, I have a different feeling about fireworks in residential neighborhoods.  I once had a German Shepherd who would go through plate glass windows when she heard fireworks or thunder.  We had gotten her as a rescue when she was about six months old.  We had no idea what she had endured before that and what had traumatized her about loud noises.  My kids were little at the time and the neighborhood bullies would throw lit firecrackers over our fence and into our yard to see the dog go crazy.  Sadly, when something was thrown into the yard, my children, just toddlers, would run to see what it was, too.  Fortunately, there was no catastrophe, but the danger was real.  I asked the parents of the boys throwing the fireworks to stop, and the father told me I was un-American because I didn't like fireworks.  *sigh*  These parents and some others were the problem in that neighborhood.  The kids went from fireworks to breaking and entering to vandalism and beyond year after year.

When the same kids and their friends started shooting many people's pets (including our cats) in the neighborhood, then a child in her own driveway one block away from us, I started house hunting.   The parents had completely lost control and even encouraged their kids to break the law beginning with the fireworks when they were small.  After we moved, some of those young people were arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to jail for the shootings.  We moved to our present home 41 years ago because of this.  None of this had anything to do with race.We moved from an all white, suburban neighborhood of new four bedroom homes to an ethnically diverse neighborhood of very old homes where we felt much safer.

So, now our kids are grown, well educated with honors, and independent.  No arrests, no jail time, no tattoos, either.   We have four Labrador Retrievers who don't have problems with loud sounds;  in fact, our Erik loved gun dog training.  But, I know there are dogs in the neighborhood who are terrified and have been every night for weeks.  Also, humans, especially combat veterans, often have a terrible time with constant fireworks.

It's sad, isn't it, when people insist on illegally shooting off fireworks in a residential neighborhood with no consideration for those who suffer from the constant loud sounds.  It's bad enough when the parents to it, but those parents who encourage their children to break the law are the biggest part of the problem.

This has been a much more serious post than usual.  If you've read through it this far, thank you.  Enough said, and I'll put away my soap box.


Friday, June 26, 2020

Penny's Breakfast

Good morning,

Penny, our champion Yellow Lab, is nearly fifteen and a half now.  This is Penny's breakfast in an omlette pan.  She has always eaten raw food, but now I change it a little because she has difficulty eating without a little help.

Now I put her food in an omelette pan, then just heat it slightly while chopping into hash.  Included:  1/3 to 1/2 pound hamburger, one egg, a scoop of chopped veggie mixture that Catherine makes for all of the pups for their raw diet, one slice of my home made bread (no preservatives), a little milk, and an egg.  She gets this twice a day. 

She normally wouldn't need the bread, but not only does she love it, we are trying to put a little weight back on her. 

After it is cool enough, I bury her supplements and pills in it, then feed it to her with a spoon.  She gobbles it down so I guess she approves of my cooking. 

Penny is very special.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

This Week's Work in Process

Good morning,

I've worked on a few small things since I finished the Cables and Lace Sweater this week.  Above is a headband, part of the custom order, and...
...this is a boot cuff, also part of the same order.  The lighting in the two pictures isn't the same, therefore, they appear to be different colors, but they aren't.  The Teal Cables and Lace Sweater Set is finished and sold, but you can see the sold listing and images here.
This has been a busy week of making ear savers for masks with elastic ear loops, too.  These are a few of the buttons I pulled out of my massive collection to use while making the ear savers.  Every time I think I've made enough of them for family, daughter's office, local sales, and the shop, I need a few more.  Click here to see what they look like finished.
 I've also pulled out the yarn for my next custom order sweater, a very pretty medium-light blue.  I'll have that on the needles by tomorrow.  And, of course, that cream flower afghan blanket is still waiting for me to spend more time on deck two to work on it....

What are you making, baking, growing today?

All the best,

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

My Assistant Elsa

Good morning,

I took this image just a few minutes ago.  I woke up with so many things to do today and this little lady, Miss Elsa, will be at my side as I try to get them all done.

I just updated the most important parts of the shop and am now off to deck one (our home is decks, not floors - old hangup from years at sea) to prepare special breakfast foods for and feed Elsa's Great Great Aunt Penny, throw in a batch of laundry, then get to knitting.  I have one more small item to finish this morning so that I can list a custom order.  My Honey also has a custom order that he said should be ready for me to list today.  It is rainy outside now.  I hope the weather clears so I can get some good pictures and that I can list the new items. 

Have I mentioned that I need a cabin steward?  My cruise friends will know exactly what I mean!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Salmon for the Pups

Good morning,

This is all that was left of the salmon My Honey pan fried for dinner a couple of days ago.

The pups sit waiting patiently while we eat our dinner.  They know they will get something good when we are finished.  I divided the center piece in half and had a yummy treat for each of the four pups.

Those pups eat very well here.


Monday, June 22, 2020

A Lovely Father's Day Weekend

Good morning,

We had a lovely Father's Day weekend.  Kjell was reminded all weekend of the great Dad that he is.  
Saturday night we had a lovely steak dinner prepared by Catherine with that yummy cake in the first picture for dessert.  That cake is a white cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse.  Oh, yes, it was good!

Sunday had gravlax for brunch.  We all had a hand in preparation of this meal:  Kjell made the gravlax, I made the bread, and Catherine made the scrambled eggs and gravlax sauce.  The gravlax and sauce recipes are here

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with the important men in your life, too.

All the best,

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day!

Good Morning,

Happy Fathers Day to all the great men who are so very special to us.

Yesterday we went to the wood (toy) store so Kjell could pick up some new supplies for his wood workshop.
I am always here as his enabler and consultant.
 This is always a fun outing as Kjell picks out new wood and hardware for his next projects.

We hope you are having a great Fathers Day, too!

All the best,