Itis our goal to advance the sport of Robotic Combat in Australia.
We aim to encouragethe Australian Inventors, Engineers and Mad Tinkers out there to turn theirdream machines into Solid Metal and put it On The line and In The Zoneto build the Ultimate Destruction Machine !


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RoboWars Southbank Brisbane 2018


Vivid Nationals 2016

The 2016 Nationals too place in Canberra as part of Big Boys Toys Expo. Congratulations on our winners from NZ. ABC Article

Vivid Sydney 2016

This years Vivid event happened to coincide with the worst weather Sydney has seen all year. Despite some of the other Vivid shows being cancelled Robowars pushed on putting on a great show for all those who braved the cold.

RoboWars 2015 Nationals

First place went to Nick Martin, with Mr Mangle.

RoboWars 2014 Nationals!

ROBOWARS was back at the Ipswich Art Gallery in 2014!

For more information, videos and results, check out the forum thread here:

For the page listing other upcoming events
around Australia, check the Forum here

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(the standard repository of all knowledge andWisdom)

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