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Truck Driver Training: Should You Consider it?

According to Bloomberg, in 2013, there were approximately 25,000 unfilled truck driver positions across the US, and the shortage for qualified drivers continues. Add to this the median salary of $38,000 and the fact that by 2020, there will be a demand for 330,000 truck drivers in the country and it is easy to understand […]

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Freight Broker Jobs – 10 Sources For Finding Work in the Transportation Industry

Finding freight broker jobs can be challenging, but if you know where to look you can find some great opportunities. Whether you have experience or are just getting started finding the right opportunity for you is an essential first step in building a solid career. There are opportunties at smaller companies as well as larger […]

Everything You Want To Know About Freight Broker Salaries

One of the fastest growing professions in the transportation industry is the freight broker profession. A freight broker is an individual or business that works as a liaison between individual or company that needs an authorized motor carrier and shipping services. The start-up cost of freight brokerage business is easily affordable, when compared to other […]

$75K Freight Broker Bond Options – Which is Right for You

This is a guest post from Eric Weisbrot from JW Surety Bonds to provide a little more clarification on bond options for brokers with the new requirements. In the freight broker industry where fraud is unfortunately a common occurrence, federal regulations offer protection to all parties through proof of financial responsibility, among other requirements. If […]

Do You Know about These New Surety Bond Requirements for Freight Brokers?

It used to be that the surety bond required for freight brokers was at $10,000. Soon, it’ll be $75,000, thanks to legislation signed by the President in July of last year and which will take effect in July of 2013. The new business cost drew some howls from small freight brokerages, but since there’s some […]

Five Ways Freight Brokers Can Find New Customers

For new freight brokers, the prospect of building a steady stream of shippers can be very daunting. There are stories of fresh, eager brokers whose excitement dissipated after a few months of prospecting but getting only one or two shippers whose business were sporadic at best. Setting up a new freight brokerage and finding customers […]

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